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Atera Bolsters MSP Software Automation, Security and Support

Atera continues to enhance its cloud-based IT automation platform -- which combines Remote Monitoring and Management (RMM), Professional Services Automation (PSA), and remote access into one solution for MSPs.

The latest updates include the following benefits, according to Atera:

1. Enhanced Automation and Customer Communication: A new report scheduling platform provides MSPs with the ability to share their work and progress with customers, along with automated reporting for system health status, work completed, and technician productivity.

2. Enhanced System Control: Atera provides a new searching capability with automatic actions and scripts that run on search results.

3. Increased Report Granularity: Two new reports have been added:

  • The Software Inventory Report provides customization and device segmentation with built-in automation logic according to customized software profiles.
  • The Patch Status Summary Report offers better control and management of the system, enabling a faster reaction time to cybersecurity threats.

4. Enhanced Security: Atera, in partnership with Webroot, is now offering the SecureAnywhere DNS Protection feature, which provides secure web browsing for all endpoints. In addition to the DNS protection, other new security enhancements include more system-wide controls and an option to add a password to each device. The full security suite now consists of Webroot Anti-Virus, Webroot secure browsing, and an online backup tool.

5. Improved Support: Atera is now offering 24/7 support within the Atera platform, offering MSPs on-demand expert support and an opportunity to speak with a technical specialist through a live chat feature.

If the enhancements work as advertised, they should help MSPs be better prepared to scale their business through automated tasks.

Atera's MSP Software Pricing Model

Instead of a per device model, Atera offers a per technician structure that is gaining in popularity, especially as IoT devices continue to increase their install base and a number of devices per user climbs higher. Given the ability to pay per technician instead of per device, MSPs should feel empowered to go after new clients, knowing that it will not increase their costs, at least not until they need to hire another employee to handle the load.