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4L Data Intelligence Appoints New Chief Commercial Officer

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4L Data Intelligence has announced its new Chief Commercial Officer (CCO).

David Corso will take the CCO position. Corso brings over 30 years of executive experience in sales operations at organizations including United Healthcare, Anthem, and the BlueCross BlueShield Association

Prior to joining 4L Data, Corso helmed Corporate Marketing and Commercial Business Development at CDS, a subsidiary of BlueCross BlueShield of South Carolina. During his tenure, he implemented enterprise-class health IT solutions and managed service models, resulting in cost reduction, improved technical efficiency, and enhanced productivity, the company said.

4L Data’s New CCO: Executive Insight

David Corso, CCO, 4L Data Intelligence
David Corso, CCO, 4L Data Intelligence

Clay Wilemon, CEO, 4L Data Intelligence, commented:

"We are delighted to welcome David to the leadership team. His extensive background in insurance, healthcare payment integrity, provider data, and claims management will be instrumental in accelerating the delivery of our patented Integr8 AI™ powered solutions. Furthermore, David's profound understanding of fraud, waste, and abuse challenges in both commercial and government markets will enable us to efficiently implement our FWA Prevention & Recovery solution, empowering payers to prevent billions of dollars in healthcare claims overpayments that go undetected with conventional claims editing systems."

Corso said of his new role:

"Assuming the position of Chief Commercial Officer at 4L Data presents an exceptional opportunity. Together, we will drive innovation and revolutionize how payers and health systems navigate the intricate realm of insurance and payment integrity. Leveraging 4L's state-of-the-art Integr8 AI™ powered solutions, we have the remarkable potential to transform claims operations, streamline provider data management, and fortify our efforts in preventing fraud. Ultimately, this will lead to saving billions of dollars by minimizing overpayment while simultaneously enhancing provider metrics related to denials and appeals."

About 4L Data Intelligence

4L Data Intelligence provides AI solutions to the healthcare industry in order to help drive cost savings while maintaining the highest standards of integrity and efficiency, according to the company.