MPN ID: Five Letters to Unlock the Possibilities of Your Microsoft Partnership

So, have you heard of this exciting up-and-coming start-up called ‘Microsoft’?

Only kidding, of course. We all know that Microsoft’s continuing history of innovation, enablement, and user centricity is the chief reason we are where we are now, using the tools we use. And cloud solutions are no exception to this success story.

Deciding to partner up and sell Microsoft products is the first step on your road to cloud success. Nothing’s left up to chance—you’ll find all you need in the Microsoft Partner Network, an environment that exists solely to help its members benefit from a wealth of resources and grow their business. As such, you’ll want to make sure you make full use of it. Enter the MPN ID.

What’s the MPN ID?

A unique identifier of your business that gives you access to all the resources and benefits of your partnership with Microsoft. Your Microsoft Partner Network (MPN) ID is:

  • Free to obtain,
  • Ready in seconds, and
  • Crucial to manage your overall relationship with Microsoft.

Sounds important. How do I get one?

  1. If you’re not a partner already, sign up as a Microsoft Partner.
  2. Done! Your MPN ID can be found in the Microsoft Partner Profile page of the Partner Center.

Why you need a MPN ID

These days, it’s passwords, access codes, and PINs left and right. What good is yet another ID number? Let’s summarize why getting an MPN ID is well worth your while.

You start getting recognized for your business

All your transactions and revenue are properly documented—which is a good backup and safety precaution—but even more importantly, it allows you to make the most of these next benefits.

You can choose from different levels of involvement to suit your business’s needs and scope, including preparation for a competency

Success means different things to different businesses. That’s why Microsoft lets you pick your partnership level—Network Member, Action Pack, or Competency (Gold and Silver), each with an increasingly comprehensive level of support, training, and service.

While, as a Network Member, you can start out slow, Competencies require you to demonstrate your expertise, certify your staff and undergo training. This freedom of choice allows you to always take full advantage of what’s available.

You get access to Microsoft resources and benefits

After you’ve completed the initial setup and customized your partnership, it’s time to dive deep into the resources. These include (but aren’t limited to):

  • a portfolio of go-to-market services to help you grow your business
  • technical presales and deployment services
  • product licenses including internal-use rights (not for commercial use)
  • product support (varies by partnership level)

You get rewards through incentives where eligible

Here’s where documenting your revenue comes in especially handy! Microsoft offers a solid range of incentive programs that CSPs can qualify for by driving revenue, selling strategic products, adding customers, expanding channels, influencing customers’ usage—the list goes on. In short, the options are many and chances are you’ll find an incentive program that suits your specific business.

How to know if you have the right MPN ID

Because the Microsoft ecosystem is rather complex, hiccups do happen. Your MPN ID might be linked to an expired program, you might be using the wrong one, or you might actually need multiple IDs!

Sounds too intimidating to wrap your head around? It doesn’t need to be. Let’s break it down step by step.

Start with roles and permissions

Before anything else, verify the roles and permissions your user has for the Partner Center. You must be a global admin to give yourself the additional permissions for MPN Admin and Account Admin. These are required for the next steps. Here’s what it should look like:

Then, confirm you’re enrolled as a CSP Indirect Reseller, and that you’ve signed the updated Microsoft Partner Network Agreement. Otherwise, you will lose your ability to add new customers or place orders for existing customers. It’s well worth it to invest a little time at first to in order to prevent this headache altogether!

Find out if you have the right MPN ID

In the Account settings dashboard, under the Reseller profile tab, you will find the Associated MPN ID that needs to be shared with your CSP Indirect Provider:


With Sherweb as your provider, you’ll want to input that number in our Cumulus platform under the Partner Profile tab:

Done! You can now go back to what really matters—making sure your business keeps thriving.

Learn more about the MPN ID with Sherweb as your guide

As a value-added cloud solutions provider and Microsoft Gold partner, Sherweb has expertise and resources to help partners navigate the complex Microsoft ecosystem. What we can offer includes:

Guest blog courtesy of Sherweb. Read more guest blogs from Sherweb here.