Are You Thinking of Including Threat Hunting Services In Your Portfolio?

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Author: Iratxe Vazquez, WatchGuard Technologies
Author: Iratxe Vazquez, senior product marketing manager, WatchGuard Technologies

If you are thinking that, it is because now you know that when it comes to security, nothing is one hundred percent. No organization is immune regardless of where they are located, or their size, or the vertical in which they operate.

The attacks can come from many different threat surfaces to exploit the countless vulnerabilities that may be present across an organization’s network, endpoints, and people. Worst of all, organizations do not know by whom, when, where, or how a well-planned attack will occur. Today, even advanced detection mechanisms struggle to anticipate how attack vectors will evolve.

This trend presents severe challenges for an organization’s security program. It underscores the importance of using a combination of technology-based control with a human-led, proactive threat hunting service to ensure that the organization moves quicker than the speed of the threat, remaining well protected and resilient.

Your threat hunting service program simplified

Threat hunting is a niche function often misunderstood. Therefore, it’s essential first to examine what we mean when we use the term threat hunting.

Threat hunting is for addressing the last 1% of the unknown behaviors. It is not about finding malware and identifying abnormal activity. That technology is just the necessary starting point to proactively spot and stop threats in the cyber kill chain before the damage is done. In addition threat hunting complements the Zero-Trust Application Service by blocking any attack when a malicious application attempts to run.

A collaborative and coordinated approach is the key to stopping today's breaches and delivering the highest level of managed security to your customers in a seamless manner. Today, partners can quickly scale their services by leveraging the results of a threat hunting service, validating IoAs and responding to the attack.

This provides an additional layer of proactivity. All weak signals of abnormal behavior are triaged, investigated, and correlated with intelligence and analytics to explicitly exclude any potential attacks. In addition, new attack patterns from threat intelligence and updated attack hypotheses are sought. These new patterns represent a valuable opportunity to improve and strengthen automatic endpoint detection techniques. 

As a result, partners can get an individual report, with the threat hunting activities and investigations conducted for each customer, that can be used to demonstrate the value of the service automatically. Very helpful and easy!

In sum, threat hunting is a discipline that organizations need to stop thinking of, not as a nice-to-have, but as a must-have essential in any robust cybersecurity program. 

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