4 Tips to Provide Your Customers with The Advanced Endpoint Security They Really Need

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Advanced cybersecurity is now the baseline of complex IT environments that include computers, servers, laptops, and other devices that may be used within the corporate network but also outside the office. Due to this hybrid environment, it is critical to face the growing threat landscape of advanced, silent, and targeted attacks. But how can you make sure you meet each of your customer’s specific requirements and deliver a cutting-edge IT approach in a way that is sustainable for your business?

Nowadays, there is a wide range of solutions on the market that claim to safeguard the security of corporate computers and networks. Benefits such as protection against sophisticated malware attacks, good performance when running processes, usability, and quality technical support should be the norm, but this is not always the case. 

Here are four characteristics your endpoint security vendor's solution should include to provide better protection to your clients and expand your business opportunities, being more profitable while reducing your team's workload:

1. Cloud-based platform for centralized management

The advantages of managing your customers’ security from a unified platform go beyond operational efficiency. It saves you time, money, and thus the need to hire more staff. Especially when it comes to endpoint prevention and detection, having visibility and traceability of all threats and automated technologies are essential.

In addition, the management of the customer license lifecycle, from trials to renewals, needs to happen in the same environment, making operational tasks easier and more efficient.

2. Automated security capabilities to improve security operations

The wide variety of security products usually brings overlapping functionality, massive notifications, and separate management consoles, with little to no integration or automation. This forces security professionals to manage multiple agents, logins, and consoles, and handle hundreds of daily alerts. This leads to alert fatigue, leaving alerts invalidated or potentially important events ignored.

Consolidation, intelligence, and automation should come together to create a simple, scalable, and deployable solution, which is key for companies implementing endpoint detection and response products to optimize processes to improve security operations. This is because artificial intelligence and machine-learning algorithms drive the automation of threat detection, classification of running processes, and prioritization of alerts.

3. Zero-trust and threat-hunting services to eliminate uncertainty

Zero-trust adoption is key to certifying all running processes, preventing any program or even a line of code from executing without having been previously classified as trusted. To multiply your success in preventing breaches in your customers' environments without impacting your workload, this security model should include automated procedures to classify and certify every single action or even be delivered as a feature-as-a-service.

Your advanced endpoint security solution should also include threat-hunting capabilities to analyze any suspicious activity potentially related to hacking and investigate the indicators of attack to find evasion and compromise techniques. Having threat hunting included in your endpoint solution will enable you to sell new services through the information you get in the management console. Train your team to take your security go-to-market strategy to the next level.

4. Simplicity for increased efficiency

As an MSP, you want tools that make managing a distributed network, including remote employees, easier. That’s why, despite how complex things may look in today’s security landscape, you’ll want to add solutions to your portfolio that do not require new IT infrastructures on the customer premises for management and maintenance that are integrated and provide you with a high level of automation. This will reduce TCO.

Conclusion: Stop working harder and start working smarter

Today’s fast-paced, ever-changing digital environment often shows that cybersecurity practices are frequently not up to the task of protecting users, data, and devices against some of the most challenging threats, which are becoming more frequent, numerous, and sophisticated. 

Trying to keep up and manage multiple tasks can feel overwhelming for any team. For IT & security teams, staying on top of existing and emerging cybersecurity threats can become impossible. With the right tools and solutions, it doesn’t have to be. Reinforce your clients' protection, and give your IT security team more time back in their day with WatchGuard Endpoint Security. Discover why WatchGuard has recently been recognized as a Leader in Endpoint Detection and Response in the Latest GigaOm Radar Report.

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