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20 RMM Software Tools, Alternatives for MSPs, VARs

As a managed services provider, you know the basics: You need RMM (remote monitoring and management), PSA (professional services automation), and other automation tools to boost customer service, drive down costs and increase your profit margins.

Updated: Visit our Top 25 RMM List for 2018.

Our original 2016 report: Here’s a look at 20 RMM software and cloud platforms that we’ve tracked over the years, along with some anecdotes about where they potentially fit in the MSP and IT services provider markets. As an added bonus, the list is actually 23 RMM providers. Oh, and don’t forget to check out our sister list of 20 PSA options and alternatives for MSPs.

Now, onto the RMM list sorted alphabetically:

1. Acorn Energy: File this under “one to watch.” Not exactly a mainstream RMM platform, Acorn owns a monitoring system for IoT endpoints, sensors, industrial devices and more. We suspect it will move toward the managed services market at some point…

2. Addigy: This is a cloud-based RMM platform for Apple Macs. Addigy, backed by former Kaseya team members, has a freemium model to help MSPs get started with the platform. Although Addigy is a relatively small company based in southern Florida, we watch the business closely because of the team’s extensive experience in and around the MSP market.

3. Atera: The upstart, launched in 2011, has been blending RMM, PSA and business intelligence software. The software platform was designed from the ground up as a single system — compared to many rivals, which built PSA-RMM integrations based on merger and acquisition activity.

4. Autotask Endpoint Management: After generating success in the PSA market, Autotask acquired CentraStage in 2014 to begin an RMM push. Fast forward to 2016, and Autotask has delivered a unified PSA-RMM platform, which basically means the data management systems are coming together for enhanced MSP performance.

5. Auvik NetworksThis relatively new RMM platform focuses on the network layer. Poke around the company and its MSP ecosystem and you’ll see signs of growth. Plus, we heard rumors about a potential funding round — or perhaps even a takeover — in mid-2016./

6. AVG Managed Workplace: AVG Technologies acquired Managed Workplace, an RMM platform, from Level Platforms in 2013. Managed Workplace had reasonable market share heading into 2011 or so, but debt came due and Level Platforms essentially was forced to sell its assets in 2013. Under a new owner and intensified competition, Managed Workplace struggled to maintain momentum in 2014 and 2015, but a major upgrade — version 10 — arrived in 2016. Still, the latest inflection point involves Avasts’s $1.3 billion buyout of AVG. Avast CEO Vince Steckler tells us he’s committed to AVG’s SMB software market.

7. CA Technologies  UIM: When CA Technologies acquired Nimsoft in 2010, it was part of a major push to engage midmarket MSPs. Originally an on-premises solution, CA and Nimsoft introduced a cloud version and ultimately rebranded the plartform to Unified Information Management. Fast forward to present day, and UIM has quietly built cloud monitoring momentum with MSPs. But frankly, the MSP market needs to hear more from CA on then UIM front.

8. ClearCenter: Certainly not your traditional RMM platform, ClearCenter is a hybrid IT management platform. CEO Michael Proper previously built a very successful MSP business. He now sees Hybrid Service Providers as the natural successors to MSPs and VARs. Trust us as we make the following statement: Keep a close eye on ClearCenter in 2017…

9. Comodo One RMM: This platform is positioned as a complete IT and Security Manager offering with built in RMM, service desk ticketing, and patch management — for free. So what’s the catch? Frankly, we’re still poking around for more details about the privately held company — which claims to have 1,000+ employees…

10. ConnectWise LabTech: ConnectWise sparked the march toward MSP suites when the company extended beyond its PSA roots and invested in LabTech Software in 2010. Fast forward to present day, and ConnectWise has reorganized into a single company that offers a range of MSP offerings — including the overall ConnectWise Business Suite and the LabTech RMM component. LabTech now has one of the MSP industry’s largest RMM installed bases.

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    Steve White:

    Hi, one RMM that you missed would be RemoteToPC. We do call our product a Lite-RMM, because we fill the gap between remote access solutions, and the more complex full RMM suites. Our product is an inexpensive, zero-config installation of a very small and light weight remote access platform that offers built in CPU, C-Drive, and RAM monitoring, as well as heartbeat (online) monitoring for servers, along with last online, last use, internal-Ip external-IP, and email alerts if any of the core system metrics rise above the 95% range, or in the case of the heartbeat, if a server gets disconnected from the internet for a minute or two.

    A few of the unique qualities of RemoteToPC are that, it’s very inexpensive, much less than LogMeIn Central for example, yet, it offers a built in Lite-RMM, with monitoring, remote restart, safe-mode-restart, and and other features that remote access solutions don’t. We have found that many MSP’s don’t actively monitor workstations, or if they do, it costs an arm and a leg, and it’s complex, and hard to setup. We monitor the core system metrics that matter to IT people, because RemoteToPC is built by IT people for IT people.

      Joe Panettieri:

      Steve: Thanks for the heads up. Are you specifically targeting MSPs or are you more of a corporate IT play? Please feel free to send me news updates as well. [email protected].


    Steve Matthew White:

    Joe, Sorry for the delay in replying. RemoteToPC was formed to really give the smaller IT consulting companies, and IT departments a basic set of monitoring and alerts along with remote desktop access for a price they can afford. So by using RemoteToPC, they can go to a potential customers site and tell that customer that they will proactively monitor every system for trouble. Since RemoteToPC provides zero-configuration monitoring and alerts, all they have to do is install it on all systems, and they are meeting that promise. The fact that it’s at a price point is at less than most other remote access solutions, this allows a lot of guys who were perhaps just small break-fix IT shops to start moving into being all inclusive MSPs. As far as who could use our product, really any MSP, (or IT company that wants to be an MSP), corporate IT department could use it.

      Joe Panettieri:

      Hey Steve: No need to apologize. Thanks for looping back and sharing the additional details.

    Henrik Andersen:

    Hi Joe

    Another RMM you missed is Panorama9. Cloud-based and lightweight.

    MSP’s of all sizes, from one-person-shops to large MSP’s supporting thousands of endpoints, benefit from using Panorama9.
    It comes preconfigured with the mose sane settings although allowing you to tailor it to your specific needs.
    Patching, notifications, monitoring, tasks (scripts), remote control, help-desk integrations are the major parts of Panorama9.
    It is of course cross-platform supporting Windows, MacOS and Linux.
    Pricing is competitive with a progressive discount for MSP’s

      Ed Lusala:

      Hi Henrik,
      Hadn’t heard of Panorama9 before and I’ve just been looking at the demo and I must admit, I am impressed. The clean UI and the ease of use are what we are after. We have used NCentral (biggest investment mistake), MSP Manager (slightly better than NCentral but wasn’t worth the spend), and currently using Comodo One (great for a free all round product but still needs a bit of work).



    Which one of these has the best reports? I need one that will show me min/max/avg Memory, CPU, and Hard Drive usage for a range of time like previous month?

    I have been trying out several of these and so far… none of them are that great. I am almost starting to think it would be quicker and easier for me to make my own.

    Joe Panettieri:

    ChannelE2E has published an updated Top 25 RMM Software List for 2018. Comments on this blog are therefore close. Thanks for all the input.

    Joe Panettieri
    EVP, After Nines Inc.
    Content Czar, ChannelE2E & MSSP Alert
    [email protected]