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25 RMM Software Tools for MSPs: 2018 List of Options, Alternatives

It’s been more than a year since ChannelE2E first published a 20 RMM Software Tools list for MSPs and VARs. Fast forward to present day, and it’s time to take an updated look at the remote monitoring and management (RMM) software market, which increasingly involves cloud-based options.

This time around, we’ve broken the list into two groups: (1) Perceived RMM market leaders for MSPs in the SMB sector, and (2) additional RMM options for various use cases. And we’ve expanded the total list to 25 companies.

Perceived Market Leaders

First up, five perceived market leaders that offer RMM as part of their broader MSP and IT services provider software suites. They’re sorted alphabetically. The options include:

1. Autotask Endpoint Management, now part of Datto: When a private equity firm acquired Datto in 2017, the deal essentially tucked Autotask’s business into Datto. Autotask Endpoint Management is part of a larger ‘unified’ suite that includes PSA. Conference: Watch for deeper RMM and PSA integrations with Datto’s data protection and networking lineups, with details expected at DattoCon18 in June 2018. Content from the former Autotask Community Live conference essentially tucks into DattoCon18 as well.

2. ConnectWise Automate (formerly LabTech Software): Connectwise rebranded LabTech in 2016 after investing in the RMM technology in 2010. Automate is part of a larger suite designed to help technology solutions providers sell, automate, manage and remotely control IT services. Keep an eye on a sister product called ConnectWise Unite, which plugs third-party services (from Cisco and more) into the ecosystem. Conference: More details will surface at ConnectWise Automation Nation 2018, a technical conference in June for ConnectWise’s ecosystem.

3. Continuum RMM: Part of a broader platform that includes NOC (network operations center), help desk, security and BDR (backup and disaster recovery) services. Instead of running Continuum’s tools on their own, MSPs essentially outsource many management requirements and tasks to Continuum’s team and platforms. The approach allows MSPs to focus on marketing, sales, and other revenue-growing functions, the company asserts. Conference: Partners will gather for Continuum Navigate 2018 in September.

4. Kaseya VSAShort for Virtual System Administrator, Kaseya VSA was the early market leader, struggled a bit amid ownership transitions and heightened competition, and then returned to growth mode around late 2016. The company has rounded out its portfolio with PSA, infrastructure monitoring and security tools. The latest move involves a deep BDR integration with Unitrends MSP. Conference: Kaseya Connect 2018 is set for May.

5. SolarWinds MSP: The business unit of SolarWinds has two flagship RMM offerings. One from the LogicNow acquisition of June 2016. And one from the N-able acquisition of 2013. The overall SolarWinds MSP suite also features backup, security, ticket management and remote control capabilities. Conference: SolarWinds MSP hosts regional “MSP Empower” conferences throughout the year. Check in directly with the company for future dates.

Note: Each of the options above typically target MSPs and IT service providers that support SMB customers. However, in many cases the tools can scale to support midmarket MSPs serving larger customers.

Additional RMM Software Options for MSPs

In addition to the above-named companies, the market RMM has a lengthy list of alternatives — many of which have carved out unique, growing niches for themselves. Here’s a look at the companies — again sorted alphabetically.

6. Addigy: This is a cloud-based RMM platform for Apple Macs. Addigy, backed by former Kaseya team members, hosted its first partner and customer summit in February/March 2018. And the company launched a formalized partner program at that time.

7. Atera: The upstart, launched in 2011, has been blending RMM, PSA and business intelligence software in the cloud. More recently, the company has added Mac, Webroot security integrations, and other enhancements.

8. Auvik NetworksThis RMM platform focuses on the network layer. SolarWinds MSP veteran Alistair Forbes joined the company’s board in May 2017. Also, Auvik raised US$11.79 million in Series B funding in August 2017. Integrations with a range of traditional RMM platforms also have surfaced.

9. Avast Managed Workplace: This is the former Level Platforms Managed Workplace, an early RMM market pioneer. AVG Technologies acquired Managed Workplace in 2013. Then, Avast acquired AVG in 2016. Avast is mainly a security company, but CEO Vince Steckler at the time of the deal told us he’s committed to AVG’s SMB software market & RMM.

10. CA Technologies  UIM: While many RMM platforms focus on MSPs in the SMB sector, CA UIM is quietly a leader with midmarket MSPs. Indeed, roughly 600 MSPs that run UIM and other CA tools attended CA World 2017. Much of the focus involved blue ocean opportunities like cloud and application monitoring, areas that most SMB-centric MSPs have largely overlooked to date. UIM initially leveraged technology from CA’s Nimsoft acquisition of 2010. But R&D has progressed dramatically since that time. Conference: CA World 2018 is set for November.

Continued to page two of two for RMM offerings 11 to 25, sorted alphabetically.

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    Thanks for sharing. Comodo one software really awesome. again thanks for mentioned it. it is totally free only. i am using this one. i get the software from following link: LINK DEACTIVATED. i recommend this software for all.

    Joe Panettieri:

    Baskaran: Thanks for the comment and link, but we’ve deactivated the link since we can’t confirm its authenticity and it also contained lead generation tracking code. Generally speaking, we recommend readers visit a vendor’s verified homepage on their own rather than following comment links.


    Brian Grimord:

    I’ve actually pushed Comodo One in two separate businesses at this point and, assuming they keep adding the features they claim they are, it’s going to be a solid platform. It’s lacking in reporting functions, not that they don’t exist, they’re just rather “meh”. Also, there’s not network monitoring as of yet, though it’s supposed to be coming.

    I’m more familiar with SolarWinds nAble platform which is a lot more mature, but the pricing is absolutely absurd.

    Gage Faulkner:

    Hi! I’m in the process of developing one of the world’s first RMM platforms based on a noSQL, real-time database. We’re using the Google Cloud Platform ( as our database and are able to subscribe to “nodes” in the database, updating all information in real-time. At the time of writing this, our endpoint agent uses about 22MB of RAM and ~2KB/s of bandwidth. It’s lightweight, simple and easy-to-use. We’re in beta now and aiming for a June 30th, 2018 release. The idea is to be as robust as some of the larger RMM platforms, while keeping the UI/UX uncluttered and easy on the eyes. Titled, “SimplifyRMM,” by “SimplifyMSP,” we’ll be partnering with well-known companies for Remote Access, Managed Antivirus and Managed Backup. I’d love to hear from you so we could schedule an interview!

    Thank you.

    Joe Panettieri:

    Hey Gage: Thanks for the heads up. Feel free to email me your interview request.

    Joe Panettieri
    Content Czar, ChannelE2E & MSSP Alert
    [email protected]

    Farhat Shafiq:

    Hi Joe. Thanks for sharing this article. I see this is ordered alphabetically and was wondering if you have compiled a grid or chart highlighting common features and their strengths. Or simply put, ordered by the popularity or client base. I hope I am not asking too much 🙂

      Joe Panettieri:

      Hi Farhat: Thanks for the note. Sorry, but we don’t rank/sort products based on features. In terms of installed base size, I believe the top 5 companies (sorted Alphabetically, as you noted) hold most of the market share.


    “you forgot to mention…” Logmein and Teamviewer

    Peter Gorman:

    Hi Joe – While the company has been “under the radar” for the past year or so, I’d like to schedule a time for you to hear about Optanix ( and it’s RMM tools for MSPs. I will contact you directly to see when we can make this happen. Thanks! – Peter Gorman

    Joe Panettieri:

    Hi Peter: My email is [email protected]. Thanks.


    Keith Rosenfeld:

    We were a Continuum reseller until they hiked prices too high. We resigned in April 2018, but they claimed we had a contract until Nov 2018. We complied but, sure enough, they renewed the contract again, even though I have receipts from 6 Continuum accounting people that we closed the account. I’m on the phone now with their India support and they won’t back down. Looks like I need to go to small claims court against them.

    So, be careful if you deal with Continuum. It seems to be a high-pressure organization that just doesn’t listen.

    Matthew Block:

    We would like to put forward our product, OptiTune, as an RMM product for your consideration. OptiTune is a relative newcomer to the RMM space, but is gaining traction with MSPs as well as IT departments. We are adding several new MSP oriented features this year, including custom branding, and integration with PSAs. OptiTune uses an attractive all inclusive pricing model, and includes many features that other RMMs charge extra for. It even includes its own Remote Desktop solution, which is quite competitive with TeamViewer, and this helps reduce the total cost of using OptiTune.

    Joe Panettieri:

    Matthew: Feel free to email me details. [email protected].

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