Top 25 Most Popular SaaS, Cloud Apps for Business 2017

Which cloud applications and SaaS offerings are most popular with business users? The third-annual Business @ Work report, from Okta, pinpoints the 25 most widely used SaaS and cloud applications. The report is based on real-world monitoring and analytics data rather than customer surveys.

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Here’s a look at this year’s Okta list vs. last year’s rankings, along with ChannelE2E’s channel-centric observations about each SaaS and cloud offering.

1. Microsoft Office 365 (same rank as last year). ChannelE2E says: Microsoft Channel Chief Gavriella Schuster explains the Office 365 partner strategy in this podcast.



2. (same). ChannelE2E says: Neeracha Taychakhoonavudh, VP of Salesforce’s partner program and marketing, explains the partner and IoT strategy in this podcast.

3. Box (same). ChannelE2E says: CEO Aaron Levie in September 2016 described how Box was winning with IBM, Microsoft and channel partners.

4. Amazon Web Services (up from No. 5 last year). ChannelE2E says: We believe this involves Amazon’s SaaS offerings rather than overall IaaS portfolio. Among the recent efforts: AWS re:Start Cloud Training for partners and customers.

5. Google G Suite (down from No. 4). ChannelE2E says: Former Cloudera Channel Chief Bertrand Yansouni recently joined Google as VP of global partner sales and strategic alliances. It’s a safe bet Yansouni will present at Google Cloud Next 2017 — the company’s major conference for cloud partners and customers. Google is expected to tout its its Windows Server and SQL Server cloud services at the conference — an aggressive counter to Microsoft Azure.

Sachin Vora

Sachin Vora

6. Concur (same). ChannelE2E says: SAP, Concur’s owner, launched a partner program for the expense management system in July 2016. Sachin Vora, a Microsoft veteran, is Concur’s channel chief.

7. JiRA Atlassian (up from No. 16). ChannelE2E says: Atlassian continues to enhance its JIRA Service Desk platform. As a result, some pundits think the platform is set to compete more aggressively against IT service management and ticket management platforms like Zendesk (No. 9).

8. Slack (up from No. 12). ChannelE2E says: Some of the hype has subsided, but Slack still remains among the fastest-growing collaboration platforms.

9. Zendesk (down from No. 7). ChannelE2E says: Some VARs and MSPs are adopting Zendesk, but CEO Mikkel Svane says the platform remains mainly a direct sales play.

10. ADP (I don’t believe they were ranked last year). ChannelE2E says: Among the world’s best-known payroll management brands.

Hank Humphreys

Hank Humphreys

11. Dropbox (down from No. 10). ChannelE2E says: Channel Chief Hank Humphreys has been accelerating Dropbox’s partner program.

12. DocuSign (down from No. 9). ChannelE2E says: The eSignature company in early 2016 hired IBM veteran Mark Register to drive DocuSign’s partner program.

13. WebEx (I don’t believe they were ranked last year). ChannelE2E says: Cisco, which owns WebEx, is striving to move more and more of its hardware and software to subscription-based services for partners and customers.

14. Confluence, owned by Atlassian (I don’t believe they were ranked last year). ChannelE2E says: Another popular team collaboration platform, this one owned by Atlassian. Sister platform JiRA sits at No. 7.

15. Meraki, owned by Cisco Systems (I don’t believe they were ranked last year). ChannelE2E says: One of the best examples of a Cisco acquisition that paid big dividends.

Continue to page two to see the top SaaS and cloud applications ranked No. 16 through 25. Also, a look at the fastest-growing SaaS providers as well.

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    Steve Stewart:

    This is a great pulse check, backed by real data, on which software stars are rising and falling as we embark on 2017. Thanks for the editorial and channel lens / spin.

      Joe Panettieri:

      Hey Steve: Thanks for your ongoing readership. I was a little hesitant to mention this year’s rankings vs. last year’s rankings. Especially since adoption of all 25 offerings continues to grow. Still, the year-over-year rankings do provide some sense of head-to-head growth rates… Thanks again.



    Thank you for sharing!
    To find more saas companies and contacts of the key decision makers check ( It has the data on more than 5K companies)

      Joe Panettieri:

      Hi Roma: Thanks for the link to the database. Let us know how it evolves in 2018.

    Cristina Greysman:

    Way to go SAP Concur for making the list! Looks like we have more work to do to get Business By Design and S/4 HANA Public Cloud ahead of NetSuite and Workday… maybe next year! 🙂

      Joe Panettieri:

      Hey Cristina,

      Thanks for continued SAP briefings. We’ll be sure to track Business By Design, HANA, etc., throughout 2018 and beyond.


    Cheers, Joe! Thank you for sharing! Here is the app, where the data on more than 5k saas companies is provided: leadpipe (


    Great list of tools! I’d also like to suggest ProofHub as SaaS app for business. It provide users with neat interface and feature rich environment to work. Have a look at:

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