Five Things I’m Thankful for in 2015

As we wrap up the calendar year 2015, I have a lot to be thankful for — both personally and professionally. Since this is likely my last blog of the calendar year, I want to take the opportunity to share my appreciation for a few groups and individuals who have made my year better than I could have wished.

5. To some key individuals in the market: You know who you are. Thank you for your honest feedback during launch of ChannelE2E. For shooting down lame research ideas and pushing Joe and me to get creative; for helping us nail down the right content and approach the market with a new angle; for introducing us to new viewpoints and catching us up on everything we missed in 2014 and early 2015, thank you. We could have come to market in our own little bubble, but instead, we had your helping hands, and we continue to have them. You are so appreciated. Thank you.

4. To our readers: Wow – I’m amazed every single day when I look at our readership. You are awesome! Thank you for tuning into ChannelE2E daily and for signing up for our enewsletter. Thank you for your comments on our site and on social media. Thanks for taking our calls, filling out our surveys and for your interviews. Joe and I are working hard to continually earn your readership and we take your feedback very seriously. We know you are busy and we are humbled at the fact that you choose ChannelE2E daily. Thank you.

3. To our sponsors: I was out of the channel market for over a year. I was really, really nervous that my old friends and business associates wouldn’t remember me; wouldn’t take my calls and wouldn’t connect with our mission. I was so wrong and for that, I am eternally thankful. To our inaugural sponsors – CA, CompTIA, ConnectWise, Continuum, Datto, EMC, Ingram Micro, LogicNow, OpenDNS and Webroot — ChannelE2E would not be where it is without your initial support. We will continue to work hard on your behalf in the New Year. You believed in Joe and me and supported our vision. Thank you.

2. To my business partner: Joe and I met in 1998 and have worked together on and off since then. We launched our first business together in 2008. We exited that business post acquisition in early 2014. By September of that year, we were both anxious and excited to start something new- – and we both knew we wanted to work together again. It’s a rare thing to find one person with whom you have such a great business and life connection that you CHOOSE to go down the startup road with a second time. Joe, thanks for being a great friend, a great business partner and for all the laughs we share daily. Thank you.

1. To my family: It’s amazing how gracefully a household can move from having a mom who has plenty of time to play and drive them around, to supporting my new business efforts by pre-reading my early blog efforts, listening to my tales of business challenges and successes over dinner and seamlessly incorporating my work and travel schedule into their lives. Thank you Larry, Maddie and Micah for supporting me. I love you guys…

Amy KatzI look forward to continuing my weekly blog in 2016. I wish you a very happy holiday season and hope you will take a moment today to think about the people that have helped you in 2015. You are who you are because of who surrounds and support you… Cheers to 2016!

Amy Katz is a technology entrepreneur who has launched, built and sold a range of IT media platforms. As president and CEO of After Nines Inc., she oversees business development, sales and finance for the overall company and ChannelE2E. Read all of her blogs here.

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    Justin Crotty:

    Hey there – love you guys and your ideas. Have a great holiday.

      Amy Katz:

      Justin – thank you so much. You know how much we respect your opinion. Happy Holidays – and hope to see you soon in the new year. ABK

    Thomas Fox:

    Amy – you guys are doing a great job! Timely, relevant and interesting content. I look forward to your daily email, and really like the in-depth analysis Joe gets into on some of the larger moves. Buy out/acquisition info is also really useful! We’re trying to find another MSP to either acquire or merge with (with little luck, unfortunately) and learning about how some of the deals are structured is helpful.

      Amy Katz:

      Thanks so much for your thoughtful note. We are working hard daily so you continue to feel great about the brand and the services we provide. We will continue to profile more MSP acquisitions/mergers in the new year so stay tuned. And definitely let us know if you move forward with a deal as well. Happy Holidays, ABK

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