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Amy Katz is a technology entrepreneur who has launched, built and sold a range of IT media platforms. As president and CEO of After Nines Inc., she oversees business development, sales and finance for the overall company and ChannelE2E.


How to Differentiate: Offer Great Service

What do you think makes a business great? I think about this often, because if I’m going to come to work, I want every experience with my company to be […]

Thank You, Jean Alexander

Mourning the loss of a channel advocate, and celebrating her life.

How to Create an ‘All Ships Sink’ Market in Three Simple Steps

How short-term goals and short-term thinking leads to commoditized markets that can’t survive.

Dial the Phone: How Email Addiction Hurts Business

We’ve forgotten that you can use the telephone — instead of relying on email — to Get More Done.

Be. Love. Be Love.

What friends teach us. (If we listen.)

Faking It In Business

I didn’t go to business school. My college major was photography and film. Yet: Here I am leading a startup again. Here’s how the magic happened. Twice.

Building Your (Personal) Brand

We all need to be a little more Fearless when it comes to our personal brands, and our business brands.

Treat Your Team Like Your Teens (Let Go)

My husband and I have 15- and 12-year-old kids who are fiercely independent. As hard as it is to ‘let go’ I’m doing exactly that. In life and in business.

5 Tips for Getting Stuff Done

Seriously concise advice to help you get stuff done in a more effective manner.

Contract Negotiation: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

Contract negotiation skills are key to running a successful business. Here’s how MSPs, VARs & channel partners can align sales processes and customer needs.