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Auditors Play Prominent Role in Effective Cyber Security

Management must implement controls that protect enterprise assets. Auditors must determine if the controls effectively mitigate risk. ISACA explains.

Organizations Must Be Smart, Strategic in Pursuit of Cyber Security Talent

Until the pipeline of qualified applicants is filled, organizations will need to be resourceful in their pursuit of cyber security talent. ISACA explains.

Blockchain: The Glue That Binds the Internet of Things

When it comes to the Internet of Things (IoT), blockchain could be the most promising technology for intra-device communication and data records.

10 Cybersecurity Tips Auditors Need to Know

Here 10 things an auditor needs to know about cybersecurity, according to ISACA.

Software Containers and Security: Prepare Now

Application containerization is gaining popularity. But software containers also introduce new security risks. The ISACA offers guidance.

State of the CISO (Chief Information Security Officer)

The CISO role must evolve faster to survive—with agility & a scope that spans security, business, IT & corporate governance.

Why Blockchain Can Change Everything

Of all the emerging technologies the ISACA currently is seeing, blockchain has the potential to have the biggest impact on businesses and society at large.

Six Ways to Deliver Better Risk Assessment

Well-meaning managers, highly paid consultants and C-suite members often wind up with unusable risk assessment outcomes. Here’s how to avoid that fate.

5 Pillars of Cloud Security

When it comes to cloud security, here’s what security practitioners, risk management professionals and information systems auditors need to address.

Are We Winning the Cyber War?

A look at the state of cybersecurity in 2016, according to ISACA research.