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Posts by Forrester Research

Blockchain And GDPR: Toxic Blend or Miracle Cure for Compliance?

Depending on who you listen to, the combination of GDPR and distributed ledger technology (DLT, AKA blockchain) is either a poisonous cocktail or a magic potion. Forrester explains.

How Simple Phishing Attacks Shred Network Defenses

Phishing emails are quite difficult to detect & block. Phishing prevention requires a layered approach that includes these six steps, Forrester Research says.

How Crap Content Destroys B2B Marketing

For the third consecutive year, B2B marketing content underwhelms business consumers — most say vendors give them too much material and useless content. Forrester Research explains.

Word Of Mouth for Revenue Growth: Less Important Than You Think?

For most brands, advocacy — positive word of mouth — isn’t the key to revenue growth, Forrester Research explains.

Bad Bots Are Stealing Data And Ruining Customer Experience

Bad bots are affecting your company more than you might think. Forrester Research explains why.

Sales and Service Alignment: Four Steps to Success

Address these four points to support your customers throughout their sales and service journey. Plus, where artificial intelligence & automation fit in.

Zero Trust Technology Works; Security Excuses Don’t

It is no longer acceptable to allow a few individuals’ fears and unfounded concerns about monitoring and security operations to impede a secure digital future for the majority.

Want To Deliver Winning IoT Products? Transform Your Teams

Partner with your customer experience-focused teams to test, validate, and continuously stay engaged with your most valuable and forward-looking customers in the IoT (Internet of Things) market. Forrester explains how.

Cybersecurity Transformation: Four CISO Trends to Note

What’s the difference between a transformational CISO (chief information security officer) vs. a traditional CISO? Here are four findings from Forrester Research, and their implications for cybersecurity.

Strategies To Transform Telcos Into Digital Services Providers

As CIOs strive to transform their businesses, telcos have the opportunity to emerge as credible digital services providers. Forrester explains how.