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Posts by Forrester Research

How Corporate Culture Defines Your Business Destiny

To enable your business to become adaptive, you must develop a culture that is sustainable and adaptable, Forrester Research asserts.

Do You Recruit Bad Employees As A Matter Of Policy?

Research shows that good employee and customer experience (EX and CX) are driven by the ability of employees to accomplish their daily tasks, Forrester explains.

5G Rollout Strategies: A Timeline Guide

The rollout of 5G is much more evolutionary than the rollout scenarios of previous cellular standards, Forrester Research explains.

Predictions 2020: Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Customer Service

Forrester’s 2020 customer service predictions report outlines how automation is going to change the contact center from the inside out.

Mitigating Ransomware Requires A Commitment To Best Practices

The long-term impact of ransomware has to be commitment to best practices. Let’s start by not leaving the door unlocked. Forrester Research explains.

How to Prepare for a Recession

Adaptive firms — regardless of economy — continually flex, evolve, and pivot in response to rapidly changing customer, competitive, and technology trends.

5G Wireless Networking Strategy Guide

What are the core capabilities of 5G Wireless Networks and when will such high-speed cellular services become available? Forrester Research offers a strategic guide.

Stop Trying To Replace Customer Support Agents With Chatbots

Customer service organizations, help desks & IT service desks seek to replace human agents with chatbots. Instead, Forrester recommends this approach.

Get Smarter About Your Competitors, Customers, And Company

Key tools, technologies and best practices to leverage insights about your customers, company and competition, according to Forrester Research.

How Google’s Parent and Microsoft Are Transforming Cybersecurity

Chronicle’s Backstory (from Google parent Alphabet) & Microsoft Azure Sentinel are cloud-based security analytics tools that address SOC team challenges. Here’s why.