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Why Unitas Global Acquired AOS Cloud

Patrick Shutt
With the hybrid cloud market estimated to be worth about $92 billion by 2021, it isn't a surprise some cloud services providers (CSPs) are being scooped up by private equity firms or doing some purchasing of their own.

Just ask Unitas Global. Known for its presence in the enterprise market, Unitas Global is making some moves to amplify its control in the cloud-based backup and storage solutions provider space. Among its most recent moves: Acquiring AOS Cloud to enhance its engineering and optimization teams, and expand its client base by establishing a go-to-market partnership designed to broaden channel visibility and market reach throughout the Midwest, including Kansas, Nebraska, Texas and Missouri.

Patrick Shutt, CEO of Unitas Global, described the deal in an interview with ChannelE2E. “Unitas Global was seeing a real need in the enterprise market for remote management and IT infrastructure anywhere within global reach, coupled with tools to further simplify cloud consumption,” said Shutt. “Through the acquisition of AOS Cloud, we are able to better serve the enterprise market. Unitas Global’s strengths in enterprise cloud solutions are perfectly complimented by AOS Cloud’s advantages in managed hosting and systems support.”

Shutt declined to say whether Unitas was looking at other companies in the space prior to the AOS Cloud acquisition. Financial terms for the deal also were not disclosed.

Partner Programs Will Coexist

Even though AOS Cloud will be fully integrated into the Unitas Global organization over the next 100 days or so, both partner programs will “continue to exist and work together to deliver enhanced cloud services, design and delivery while also being able to offer an expanded managed hosting and services portfolio, including service desk,” Shutt noted.

“Our partners are seeing a real need in the enterprise market for remote management and IT infrastructure anywhere within global reach, coupled with tools to further simplify cloud consumption,” he said.

Unitas Global hopes to provide potential and existing clients with a robust technology platform by integrating expanded IT solutions with a greater level of service and support. “Together, the synergy across our solutions will yield enhanced cloud services, design and delivery for both Unitas and AOS Cloud clients, as well as tools to further simplify cloud consumption,” he said.

Growth Mindset

Founded in 2009, Unitas Global has been “growing rapidly,” Shutt said. Indeed, has had a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 118 percent over the past 24 months.


“Our growth up to the point of the acquisition has been completely organic, and our impressive CAGR can be attributed to us continuously adding new clients and the growth within our existing customer base,” he said. “In addition to new clients, a continually expanding range of cloud solutions has also been significant in our growth.”

Moreover, the company’s revenue jumped from $3 million to $20 million in the last two years. It has also nearly doubled its headcount since 2011; however, Unitas Global would not disclose current staffing levels -- although LinkedIn puts the estimate at 51 to 200 people. Additionally, The Silicon Review Magazine named Unitas Global among the 50 Best Companies to Watch in 2016.

“Whether through innovation or acquisition, Unitas Global is constantly looking for the best ways to deliver cloud solutions to our enterprise clients. As we continue to grow, we are better enabled and positioned to utilize leading cloud technologies to optimize our clients’ IT environments.”


Contributing Editor CJ Arlotta tracks reseller, VAR and MSP transformations for ChannelE2E. Read his contributions here.