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How Synoptek Productizes Security, Cloud Services

Synoptek, one of the world's top MSPs, has a knack for studying the traditional IT consulting market, and then building out repeatable, scalable services that most rivals never quite productize.

The latest example: Synoptek, led by CEO Tim Britt, has launched a Cybersecurity Training and Testing service. Any pundit will tell you that your employees are the weakest link in IT security. But now, Synoptek is striving to address that issue with productized services.

As part of the effort, Synoptek’s Cybersecurity advisors work closely with organizations to develop a comprehensive, custom-tailored training program that helps to establish a “human firewall,” the company says.

Cybersecurity Training and Testing: Seven Steps

Indeed, the new service spans seven components:

  1. Baseline Testing—Synoptek initiates a statistical campaign to establish a per-user threat baseline.
  2. User Security Awareness Training—On-demand, interactive training and exercises expose major cyber threats, instill best practices, and help in adherence to security compliancy.
  3. Simulated Phishing Attacks—Real-time monthly email phishing attacks are instigated to inform and engage users and promote a desirable response.
  4. Simulated USB Drive Attacks—Users are presented with a highly pervasive threat vector in USB devices and instructed on the proper reaction.
  5. Ongoing Actionable Intelligence—Data is used for understanding security gaps, producing intelligence reporting, and implementing mitigation plans.
  6. Continuous Improvement—Ongoing simulations and training exercises sharpen employee responses and help to continually develop organizational antibodies to protect against cyber mercenaries.
  7. Synoptek’s Managed Approach—Synoptek helps your organization overcome the challenges of establishing and maintaining an enterprise wide “human firewall.”

Synoptek: Similar Consultative Approach In Cloud Market...

Poke around and you'll notice that Synoptek has a knack for building out services like this. To wit, the company launched a Cloud Assessment and Planning Service back in February.

Admittedly, many of these services are consultative in nature. But they pave the way for Synoptek's managed IT security and cloud services -- and by association, recurring revenues. This video offers a sampling of those security services:

For more on Synoptek's business and growth strategy, check out this podcast with CEO Tim Britt from 2016.

Joe Panettieri

Joe Panettieri is co-founder & editorial director of MSSP Alert and ChannelE2E, the two leading news & analysis sites for managed service providers in the cybersecurity market.