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Syncro Offers Unified MSP Platform, Transparent Pricing

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PSA (professional services automation) and RMM (remote monitoring and management) are foundational tools for managed services businesses, and there are a few big vendors that have offered these tool sets for a long time.

Emily Glass, CEO, Syncro
Emily Glass, CEO, Syncro

But several newer upstarts have entered the PSA/RMM tools market in recent years.

Syncro offers a cloud-based unified, natively integrated PSA/RMM platform. The company is hardly new. Syncro was founded in 2017 on the premise that these two platforms should be unified to help MSPs be more efficient. Syncro has grown to serve 4,000 managed service provider partners since then, according to Emily Glass, who has served as CEO since December 2021, after spending 8 months on the board of directors. (Glass previously spent several years at another big MSP/Channel company, Datto, and was responsible for building out the company’s Rochester, New York office and ultimately served as chief product officer at Datto. She holds degrees in computing engineering and fine arts.)

Syncro’s Value Proposition for MSPs

For instance, a natively integrated PSA/RMM platform can count the number of licenses for software and then add them to the invoice. There’s no need to perform one task in one platform and then switch to the other platform to complete the task.

The Syncro platform also offers a marketplace and an API so that MSPs can find additional solutions they need for their customers, such as EDR (endpoint detection and response) and BDR (backup and disaster recovery), and then administer and bill for those services, too. Syncro added Acronis integration last year, and more integrations are on the way, Glass told ChannelE2E.

Syncro’s Commitment to Simple, Transparent, Affordable Pricing

Another benefit of being a smaller upstart organization is that Syncro is likely a more affordable choice for a PSA/RMM platform than what is offered by some of the bigger players in the MSP platform market.

Glass said transparency is a core tenant of Syncro. Pricing is per month, per user for unlimited devices. MSPs can choose to go month-to-month for $139 per user or $129 per month per user billed annually. There are no contracts.

Syncro’s MSP Community Focus

Ian Alexander, co-founder, channel chief, Syncro

“We want you to use the product because it’s a good product, and it’s the right product for your business, not because you are stuck in a contract,” Syncro co-founder and channel chief Ian Alexander told ChannelE2E.

Syncro is also very community-minded, Alexander said.

“We are constantly talking to our users and taking feedback and iterating on the product based on that feedback,” Alexander said. “That’s why we’ve grown so much. It’s why people like using it. We’re constantly listening and constantly shipping new features and improvements.

Syncro’s Momentum in the MSP Market

Managed service providers have taken notice. Glass confirms that Syncro is growing much faster than the 9% growth rate currently experienced by the big MSP platform providers (per this viral LinkedIn post by Canalys analyst Jay McBain.)

“Our annual year over year growth is definitely faster,” she said. “Our growth is driven because we have an affordable platform and MSPs are really starting to evaluate what they really need. Do I need all these bloated customizable options? Especially if I’m trying to become more efficient with my costs and time. How much time am I spending managing my platform versus managing my business and serving my clients?”

Jessica C. Davis

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