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IT Nation 2015: 10 Tuesday Highlights (Oh, and Gossip)

IT Nation 2015, the IT service provider conference hosted by ConnectWise, doesn't officially start until Wednesday (Nov. 11). But ChannelE2E is already navigating the halls and hearing some interesting chatter. Here are 10 highlights from Tuesday...

10. Datto Europe: Hmmm... Keep a close eye on Datto's European business. I suspect the growth rates for the backup and business continuity platform provider are far higher than most MSPs realize. But that's all I can say about that. At least for now. Back in the U.S., MSPs should expect more Datto surprises before they sit down for turkey and stuffing later this month... And yes, Datto is on hand here at IT Nation 2015.

Alexander Negrash
Alexander Negrash

9. CloudBerry Lab: Effective today, the managed backup service now integrates with ConnectWise, and supports  more than 20 cloud storage services including Amazon S3/Glacier, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform. With CloudBerry Lab integration to ConnectWise, MSPs can import all or specific contacts from ConnectWise to CloudBerry Managed Backup and configure CloudBerry Managed Backup to automatically create a support ticket in the ConnectWise system, the company asserts. Also CloudBerry Managed Backup automatically sends each company's billing report to the ConnectWise service on the first day of each month, giving customers a single  unified bill, the company adds. For MSPs seeking more info, CloudBerry's Alexander Negrash will be at the conference.

8. New Artisan Hire: Yes, Artisan Infrastructure -- a channel-only cloud provider -- has made a key hire. And he's attending IT Nation 2015. And his name is... actually, we're not at liberty to say just yet. And his role is... actually, we're not at liberty to say yet. But ChannelE2E can confirm that the new hire has extensive experience with MSPs and recurring revenue models. Hmmm...

Brian Laufer

7. Around the Corner: Quotewerks, which competes with ConnectWise's Quosal business, can't attend IT Nation 2015. But the company has staked out some space down the road at the Hyatt Regency all week. Quotewerks and Quosal both offer sales proposal and quoting software. Among the milestones to track: QuoteWerks apparently has an update set for Nov. 12; a new Advanced Etilize Integration for QuoteWerks will surface today; and new printing capabilities arrived on Nov. 7. The name to know: VP Brian A. Laufer. In the interest of equal time, ChannelE2E also hopes to catch up with Quosal General Manager Kent McNall.

6. Deeper Value: As HTG Peer Group Members gather here for their Q4 meeting, it's safe to expect HTG to more fully describe its value to current members and prospective members. At first glance, some folks think the value involves MSPs having the ability to meet privately and confidentially to share best practices. But take a closer look. The real value involves the fact that HTG has hired experts to drive the MSP-to-MSP dialog. Next up? Stay tuned for more content-centric services that help HTG members with best practices for their businesses.

5. Separate Events, Evolving Partnership: For the past few years, the HTG Peer Groups Q4 meeting and IT Nation were closely coordinated conferences -- essentially running at the same location the same week. But starting next year, the line between HTG 2016 and IT Nation 2016 will become far clearer. In fact, the two 2016 events will be held during separate weeks in Orlando. HTG Peer Groups face-to-face members continue to standardize on ConnectWise for PSA capabilities. And watch for more ConnectWise efforts to help HTG members build even more successful businesses. But HTG also continues to work closely with other vendors on various initiatives... including an online NOC expert peer group sponsored by Continuum Managed Services.

4. Are Tomorrow's IPOs at IT Nation 2015?: So far this year, 147 of 159 company IPOs in the U.S. have involved companies with less than $1 billion in annual revenue, according to Dealogic. Amid regulation changes, it's getting easier for sub-$1 billion companies to launch IPOs. Look around IT Nation 2015... Perhaps the next sub-$1 billion IPO lurks somewhere in the crowd... Hmmm...

3. Where...

2. ...Are...

1. ...Items Three Through One?: They're blank. Send us your news and gossip and we'll potentially update this list with three more entries... or we'll potentially add your tips to a new blog on ChannelE2E in the days ahead. Thanks to those who have already shared IT Nation 2015 chatter with us.

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Joe Panettieri

Joe Panettieri is co-founder & editorial director of MSSP Alert and ChannelE2E, the two leading news & analysis sites for managed service providers in the cybersecurity market.