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Zumasys Acquires TCS Network Consulting for Managed Cloud Services

These days everyone seems to be in the cloud computing game, but back in 2006 Zumasys was paving the way for cloud transformations before many providers caught onto the trend.

The Zumasys Cloud was launched in 2006 with the migration of the company's first cloud customer. Today, tens-of-thousands of users rely on the company's cloud platform to access their most critical applications 24/7/365. Since the company is an infrastructure and cloud solution provider, they claim to set themselves apart from both the big-name commodity cloud partners and the various cloud startups just now coming on the scene with a balanced approach to cloud computing.

Zumasys has a unique culture of philanthropy that has already given away nearly $1 million to 250 different nonprofit organizations and individuals across the globe. Through this Happyness is a Choice program, Zumasys continues its pledge to donate 1 perecnt of its revenue to nonprofit organizations while providing incentives for its employees to deepen their involvement in volunteerism and charitable giving, including:

  • Matching all employee donations
  • Allocating 10% of the total funds to directly support individuals in need in their local network
  • Supporting employees interested in volunteering directly with the recipients of their donations worldwide via serve days or other events

I have actually had the pleasure of working in the Zumasys offices in the early days of briteCITY. Prior to obtaining office space of their own, briteCITY once rented out a few desks from Zumasys, where I would work when I was in town. Also, in the interest of full disclosure, I am friends with their Technical Support Manager. We used to work together at inhouseIT.

On the Acquisition Front

This week Zumasys announced the acquisition of assets from Orange County based managed services provider, TCS Network Consulting. The acquisition has paved the way for the company to launch a new cloud managed service offering. The company claims that the new managed services division will help customers seeking to eliminate the administrative overhead and variable cost associated with managing their Cloud/IT environments. Customers receive 24/7 monitoring of their IT environments and proactive responses to issues for a fixed monthly fee.

TCS has built their business over the last 20 years on strategic vendor relationships with companies like VMWare, Mozy, ConnectWise and more. TCS has proven themselves in Southern California as they have provided proactive managed IT services for a fixed monthly fee to clients for over 10 years. With the service model already in place, Zumasys is looking forward to offering this all-you-can-eat service model to their customers who are already using The Zumasys Cloud and the Desktop-as-a-Service (DaaS) solutions.

As part of this transaction, Keith Hermance, President of TCS, has joined Zumasys as a Senior Solutions Consultant and all members of the TCS team have transitioned to Zumasys’ headquarters located in Irvine, Calif., though we don't know actual headcount figures.