Data Security

Vantage Data Centers Announces New Chief Information Security Officer

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Vantage Data Centers, a global provider of hyperscale data center campuses, has named Gregory Thompson Jr. as its chief information security officer (CISO). 

This position, newly introduced to the company's structure, places Thompson in charge of enhancing the company's cybersecurity stance, particularly as Vantage undergoes international expansion.

Thompson's Background

Thompson has served 15 years in the security sector. He previously worked as the global vice president of physical security and cybersecurity at Vantage. 

Before his tenure with Vantage, Thompson played a pivotal role at General Dynamics Corporation as a security manager, overseeing security procedures for over 400 staff members. 

He also held significant positions at the FBI, such as acting associate chief security officer, where he was recognized for his efforts in enhancing security protocols and risk evaluations.

Thompson has garnered numerous industry accolades, including a spot on the Security Systems News' 40 under 40 list in 2020 and the Northern Virginia Technology Council’s (NVTC) Next Generation Leader award in 2021.

Addressing Global Cyber Challenges

Chris Yetman, chief operating officer at Vantage, commented:

"Given the heightened cyber threats globally, it's crucial for us to be ready to counteract and minimize any potential damages they might inflict. As Vantage expands on a global scale, the complexity and size of our networks also grow. This necessitates a comprehensive strategy to bolster our cybersecurity measures, benefiting both our clientele and our internal operations. I'm looking forward to collaborating with Greg in this fresh capacity to refine our cyber framework, while funneling resources into the technology and methodologies that will optimally safeguard our systems."

On the subject of his new role, Thompson said:

"Currently, the cybersecurity realm is undergoing significant upheaval, with institutions across various sectors confronting cyber incidents daily. I'm eager to step into this position and spearhead Vantage's cyber strategies, ensuring the security of our digital infrastructure as we expand our data center assets."