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Top MSP Embraces CloudJumper for Workspace as a Service

To work remotely in the past, you needed complicated VPN software or perhaps terminal services. But some many of those services introduced new challenges -- such as simultaneous user license limits or virus infections that spread across entire environments.

Workspace-as-a-Service has been a promising solution to those and other problems. Each user can have their own environment, but also they have the ability to log in from any computer and from any location. As this method of delivering workstations gains in popularity, some companies are rushing to help MSPs provide the service to their clients.

Key names to know include CloudJumper. The company has been gaining momentum lately, and earlier this year acquired IndependenceIT to gain control of underlying WaaS technology. This acquisition paved the way for upgrades to their WaaS platform, which were announced just one month later. Anecdotal evidence suggests growth for the company has been strong year over year, and the firm claims they doubled their revenue last year, and appear to be on track to do the same this year.

MSPs Adopt CloudJumper

Some well-known names in the MSP market are embracing CloudJumper. Just last week at ConnectWise Automation Nation 2018, a key MSP in the healthcare market described their use of CloudJumper (on background) to ChannelE2E. The MSP has been replacing on-premises servers with CloudJumper-driven applications in the cloud.

Now comes word that Synoptek -- one of the MSP industry's larger players -- leverages the platform as part of a white label service to healthcare, financial services, manufacturing, and other highly regulated industries.

Synoptek’s Miles Fineberg
Synoptek's Miles Fineberg

According to Synoptek VP Miles Feinberg, the company selected CloudJumper based on cost, resiliency, and to protect secure client data from ransomware and malware.

Feinberg said in a prepared statement:

"By combining our cyber security expertise with IT management and support with CloudJumper’s advanced solution, we are transforming legacy IT environments into state-of-the-art workplaces. With CloudJumper, we are able to modernize IT and provide a much more secure and productive computing environment with on-demand access to the most important business applications and data.”

Synoptek has been highly focused on customer digital transformations to the cloud for businesses. The company, backed by private equity ownership, has blended organic growth with M&A deals. And earlier this year the company partnered with RiverMeadow to try and accelerate mass cloud migrations. Security also is a key focus for the firm.

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