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MSP, RMM Security Plugin for ConnectWise Automate: Third Wall’s Pitch

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Third Wall, a software startup in Tampa, Florida, is promoting a cybersecurity plugin for ConnectWise Automate, the popular RMM (remote monitoring and management) software platform for MSPs. The plugin extends beyond traditional anti-virus software to stop malware, ransomware, hackers and data thieves, Third Wall asserts.

Third Wall has been emerging at a key time in the MSP software ecosystem. Indeed, hackers are increasingly targeting MSPs and their underlying software systems for island hopper attacks that eventually penetrate end-customer systems, the FBI and Department of Homeland Security have repeatedly warned. The attacks typically target RMM and remote control software from numerous vendors.

MSPs that run ConnectWise Automate can leverage Third Wall as an extra layer of security for end-customer systems -- and if you think about it, their own MSP systems as well.

LinkedIn: Third Wall CTO Rob Siegmund
LinkedIn: Third Wall CTO Rob Siegmund

LinkedIn: Third Wall CEO Scott Springer

So who launched Third Wall for ConnectWise Automate -- and are there plans to introduce similar cybersecurity plugins for additional MSP software platforms? We went poking around for answers -- and learned a bit about Third Wall co-founders Scott Springer (CEO) and Robert Siegmund (CTO). Springer is an IT veteran with enterprise experience who has built a range of emerging technology, VAR and MSP-focused companies. Siegmund previously was a founding member of LabTech Software -- the RMM software company that ConnectWise acquired.

Third Wall: Past, Present Future of MSP Security Plugins

After ChannelE2E recently received some Third Wall marketing materials, we reached out to the company with some follow-up questions. The result is this email exchange with Springer.

ChannelE2E: What inspired Third Wall’s launch?

Springer: My partner and co-founder, Robert Siegmund, is one of the original founders of LabTech over a decade ago.  When he left ConnectWise, he and I connected through a mutual friend and started talking about MSPs in general, and then focused on how we might be able to add some unique value to LabTech (it was still LabTech then!). I have some background in big IT companies, and got invited to a dinner by a friend in the compliance industry. There were several speakers there focusing on cybersecurity – and it hit me that we could mitigate many of the risks they talked about using LabTech, if we created a new plugin to take advantage of LabTech’s capabilities. There is so much reliance in cybersecurity on training, awareness and written policies – and we knew we could use technology to take this to a whole new level of protection.

ChannelE2E: How long has the solution been in the market?

Springer: Our full production version was released two years ago, in June 2017, and we’ve made many improvements since then.  We actually had a prototype that used scripts a year before then, but that wasn’t a good production approach (no scripts in the current version).  We started showing it at IT Nation, to great feedback and reviews.  You can find some discussions about us on reddit, Discord and other forums.  Our clients love our product.

ChannelE2E: Do you plan to launch additional security enhancements for additional MSP platforms?

Springer: We have not yet decided about other RMM platforms, but it is very likely at some point.  We’ve been so busy making improvements and growing that we haven’t had much time to look at others yet.  But it certainly makes sense, and we get many, many requests from MSPs using other RMM platforms to add their platform to our integration.

ChannelE2E has not independently tested Third Wall, but we'll be listing closely for MSP industry feedback.

Joe Panettieri

Joe Panettieri is co-founder & editorial director of MSSP Alert and ChannelE2E, the two leading news & analysis sites for managed service providers in the cybersecurity market.