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Spinnaker Support Intros Security, AI Enhancements

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Spinnaker Support, a third-party software support provider with over 1,300 global clients, has unveiled updates to its service offerings in response to customer demand.

Central to this announcement is the introduction of the "Ultimate Support Guarantee," as well as three key features available to both new and existing customers.

Inclusions in Spinnaker's Third-Party Software Support Package

  • Spinnaker Shield - A feature designed to enhance IT security by allowing companies to adapt to the evolving security environment.
  • Spinnaker Intelligence - An AI/ML tool utilizing a wealth of anonymized historical data to expedite issue resolutions, assisting Spinnaker's expert team.
  • Spinnaker Link - A solution that gives organizations flexibility from vendor interoperability constraints, enabling them to implement specific interoperability solutions tailored to their IT needs.

The company confirms these features come at no extra charge to their clients.

Spinnaker's "Ultimate Support Guarantee"

Aiming to address potential concerns such as legal compliance, security, interoperability, and license or technical issues, the company’s Ultimate Support Guarantee is a commitment to maintain a high standard of service. 

If clients wish to transition back to Oracle or SAP for support, Spinnaker will facilitate the move, including taking on associated costs.

However, the company points to its 96.3% overall customer satisfaction rate to emphasize its commitment to service quality.

Additional Insight

Matt Stava, CEO, Spinnaker Support, commented:

"Today’s announcement underscores our commitment to our customer base. We aim to make enterprises aware of alternative options in software support that can cater to their organizational goals. This update signifies a change in our communication approach regarding our service delivery to enterprise clients.”