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SolarWinds Enhances Transform Partner Program

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SolarWinds has announced enhancements to its Transform Partner Program that aim to accelerate growth and drive greater revenue for channel partners.

The Transform Partner Program, which SolarWinds launched last year, now offers a new go-to-market approach, new revenue pools and cloud marketplaces for the partners delivering SolarWinds' observability, ITSM and database solutions to clients.

Additionally, partners now have additional flexibility in how they achieve their targets and specialization options for database and ITSM solutions, according to a statement from the company.

Partners will be able to qualify for top tiers more easily and get increased access to new revenue opportunities and benefits, SolarWinds said.

The Transform partner program launched in October 2022. The program has three tiers: Elite, Premier and Advanced determined by partner sales/revenue volume, sales and technical skills and certifications. The program offers free self-paced sales training both in-person and online as well as classroom-based technical training that ends in certification tests, including sharing of any services-delivery IP and methodologies, the company said. SolarWinds also offers virtual and hands-on technical labs.

Partners receive incremental discounts for new customers or projects and solution or multi-product deals, back-end rebates based on overall revenue growth and sales growth in certain products or services, according to SolarWinds. Special promotional pricing and bundles are also available.

“We are pleased with the positive response from partners about how SolarWinds Transform Partner Program is helping them grow their business,” said Chad Reese, President of Sales and Global Channel Chief, SolarWinds. “The program has already had an amazing impact on both our business and our partners’ success, with a strong Net Promoter Score demonstrating positive feedback from partners. That’s why we are adding even more improvements to our channel offerings this year.”