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SentinelOne Introduces Cybersecurity Platform to Google Cloud Users

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Cybersecurity firm SentinelOne has announced that its Singularity Platform is now accessible on Google Cloud Marketplace. 

This move allows Google Cloud users to acquire and implement SentinelOne's cybersecurity platform, aiming to bolster their security measures across different domains including endpoint, identity, and cloud, the company said.

Google Cloud Marketplace offers users the ability to swiftly deploy software packages that are compatible with Google Cloud. The platform simplifies the software initiation process for services like Compute Engine or Cloud Storage by negating the need for manual configurations. 

Another advantage for customers is the option to apply their existing Google Cloud budget towards the purchase of SentinelOne, potentially avoiding additional budgetary considerations, according to SentinelOne

SentinelOne says it will collaborate with its established channel partner network. This partnership aims to ensure that customers on Google Cloud Marketplace receive a comprehensive suite of technology and services from both SentinelOne and its affiliate partners to augment their cybersecurity initiatives and achieve their business objectives.

SentinelOne’s Google Cloud Addition: Executive Insight

Vats Srivatsan, Chief Operating Officer, SentinelOne, commented:

"At SentinelOne, our focus is on the application of autonomous technology in cybersecurity. The SentinelOne Singularity Platform integrates security solutions for endpoint, cloud, and identity within one data platform. Utilizing context-rich data and artificial intelligence (AI), this platform aims to enable enterprises to defend against threats more efficiently and accurately. Our collaboration with Google Cloud offers customers an avenue to acquire and operate our platform on a trusted infrastructure."

SentinelOne’s Potential Sale

This announcement comes at a time when SentinelOne appears to be eyeing a sale

According to a report from Reuters, the firm has hired investment bank Qatalyst Partners to advise on discussions with potential acquirers, including private equity firms, Reuters reported, citing sources close to the matter.

SentinelOne, which has a market value of approximately $5 billion, became a potential takeover target after its shares lost 80% of their value in the last two years. Since then, the Mountain View, California-based company has benefited from the increase in remote work associated with the COVID-19 pandemic.