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Salesforce, Torchlite Marketplace Expands Small Business Partner Opportunities


A new partnership between Salesforce and freelance marketplace Torchlite will help connect Salesforce Essentials advisors with new customer opportunities to help drive small business growth.

Meredith Schmidt, EVP & GM, Salesforce Essentials

The new opportunity involves Torchlite Marketplace for Salesforce Essentials -- a new way for small businesses, including VARs and MSPs, to access certified Salesforce Essentials Advisors on-demand with no long-term contracts, minimums or limits.

The new Torchlite Marketplace, launched July 1, allows Salesforce Essentials Advisors to find work online; augmenting or expanding their existing services portfolio by helping small businesses get access to the talent they need.

 “It’s our mission to support small businesses with the technology and tools they need to connect with customers, especially in this challenging time,” said Meredith Schmidt, executive VP and GM of Salesforce Essentials. “The new Torchlite Marketplace for Salesforce Essentials is helping small businesses implement the tools they need, while at the same time helping trained freelancers find meaningful work.” 

Supporting Small Businesses

Small businesses, including many VARs and MSPs, have been hit hard during the global pandemic, and the partnership could offer a way forward for those companies.  In addition to matching Advisors with customers, the Torchlite Marketplace helps Advisors find new markets, expand their existing customer base, manage relationships with current customers, and get paid. 

“The Torchlite Marketplace for Salesforce Essentials provides flexibility and agility on any size project at affordable cost,” says Susan Marshall, CEO and founder of Torchlite. “We are excited to partner with Salesforce to help small businesses during these unprecedented times.”

With Salesforce Essentials, small businesses can easily adopt the CRM platform and gives VARs and MSPs the opportunity to help customers scale and grow the solution to meet their needs. New social, chat and phone capabilities in Salesforce Essentials empower small businesses to communicate with customers on their preferred channels—and can be deployed in just minutes.

In addition to matching Advisors with customers, the Torchlite Marketplace helps Advisors manage relationships with customers, find new work and get paid. 

For those interested in becoming a Salesforce Essential Advisor, visit here. To get matched with a certified Salesforce Essentials Advisor, go to