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Ruckus WiFi Networks: Shifting From CapEx to OpEx Financing?

WiFi networks, rather than wired Ethernet systems, have increasingly emerged as the preferred network access method for business employees and office visitors. Mobile device makers have accelerated the trend by promoting ultraportable laptops that lack Ethernet ports.

The challenge? Keeping those WiFi networks updated to address bandwidth hungry users can be an expensive proposition. Just like the software market, companies are now looking for ways to keep their hardware up-to-date without paying huge CapEx lump-sums that can bust a budget during a particular month or quarter.

With an eye toward that reality, Ruckus Networks, an ARRIS company, recently announced the Ruckus Financial Services program. The program is designed to help customers future-proof their WiFi connectivity solutions by enabling investments in the latest networking technology through multiple financing options -- including leasing, zero percent interest, and subscriptions.

While we still may be a few years out from business networks operating completely wirelessly, the complete shift may happen even more quickly than expected. In addition to laptops and smartphones, it's a safe bet IoT (Internet of Things) devices and sensors will increasingly lean on WiFi connections rather than wired Ethernet ports.

Ruckus Financial Services is now available to customers and partners in key markets throughout the world where Ruckus solutions are found.