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Rubrik Alta Data Protection Extends From AWS Cloud to Unix Data Centers

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Rubrik Channel Chief Bertrand Yansouni
Rubrik Channel Chief Bertrand Yansouni

More than 80 percent of IT organizations will be committed to hybrid cloud architectures by end of this year, IDC research suggests. Backup, restore and data protection companies are racing to address that blended infrastructure reality.

Among the key upstarts to watch: Rubrik, which recently acquired Datos IO to accelerate how enterprises manage and recover modern application stacks. Next up, the company has unveiled Alta 4.2 -- the latest to the company's virtual, physical and cloud data protection platform.

In some ways, Alta is reaching into the past to give partners and customers peace of mind. In addition to protecting modern cloud workloads like Amazon Web Services EC2 instances, the Alta platform also safeguards data running on IBM AIX and Oracle Solaris -- two widely deployed Unix operating systems in the enterprise.

The new Alta, according to Rubrik, also offers:

  • Cloud-native data protection through a single control plane: Whether you deploy Rubrik in a data center or on AWS, Rubrik Cloud Data Management can now index, catalog, and protect any application running on Amazon EC2, the company claims.
  • MSPs the ability to simplify and accelerate self-service: For MSPs and large enterprises with multiple co-hosted tenant users, Rubrik offers its Envoy service to simplify and accelerate self-service, the company says. Envoy represents a service provider’s Rubrik cluster in a tenant network, allowing end-users to customize their backup services in a shared-everything private cloud.
  • Deeper extension into the enterprise data center: The system protects both IBM AIX and Oracle Solaris within the core product, offering enterprise operations teams the same suite of data management tools that they use for other physical, virtualized, and cloud-based workloads.

Rubrik has also been formulating and enhancing its partner strategy. Google Cloud Bertrand Yansouni joined the data protection company earlier this year as VP of worldwide channel.

Anecdotal evidence and funding milestones suggest Rubrik is growing rapidly. But the company faces intense competition from a growing number of entrenched and upstart data protection firms.

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