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RISKGRID Launches ‘as-a-Service’ Risk Assessment Platform for Financial Services

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RISKGRID has launched a cloud-based ‘as a Service’ Risk Assessment platform to automate risk assessments for financial services firms.

The platform is delivered ‘as a service’ and offers flexible subscription options, RISKGRID said in a statement. RISKGRID follows risk management best practices according to industry-standard ISO 31000 guidelines that cover Scope, Context & Criteria, Risk Assessment, Risk Treatment, Monitor & Review and Communication & Consultation features, the company said.

RISKGRID’s managed service is a cloud-based risk assessment solution that enables businesses of all kinds to automate and standardize their cross-enterprise risk assessment practices, the company said. The platform presents comprehensive risk assessment management and monitoring in a single, near-real-time view to help organizations move away from what has traditionally been a manual and largely spreadsheet-driven risk assessment process.

RISKGRID Launches as-a-Service Platform for Financial Services

Commenting on the launch, RISKGRID founder and CEO Steven Marshall said:

“Despite ever-evolving financial services regulation around operational and financial risk, most risk assessments carried out within firms generate no intrinsic value to a business. A lack of process standardisation and cross-enterprise transparency makes it hard for companies to proactively identify - and efficiently respond to - trends and insights garnered through traditional, backward-looking, manual risk assessment activities."

Pricing starts at £10 per month for a single user and management of three grids. For £100 per month, organizations can manage up to 10 grids. Enterprise pricing is available on request and enables management of up to 50 grids and can include corporate branding.