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Real Data Technologies Bolsters Service Desk Metrics

From chat to email and more, today's customers default to their preferred pipelines for support. I noticed this constantly as a service desk employee. If they obtained support immediately by picking up the phone and calling but had to wait when they submitted a ticket through our online portal, the next time they needed support, they would choose to call. After a customer has an experience like this, it is nearly impossible to get them to use your preferred method of communication. They will consistently reach for the method that offered them help the fastest.

One way businesses can combat this disparity is to make sure all customers receive the same level and speed of support through all multichannel communications. Once you establish that support service levels will be the same, no matter how they choose to obtain it, then it is much easier for MSPs to push customers towards a preferred method of communication, if your business has one.

Monitoring your service desk metrics can help your business develop and improve your service offerings. With that goal in mind, Real Data Technologies recently released its first software product in a suite of metrics monitoring tools called ServeOptics. The offering allows ITSM (IT Service Management) leaders to make data-driven decisions that could help improve the customer support experience, Real Data claims.

ServeOptics consolidates data from multiple siloed service support technologies with limited reporting capabilities into a single dashboard. IT departments gain correlated performance metrics that service managers need to increase the effectiveness and efficiency of operations.

According to Real Data Technologies, some of the benefits of ServeOptics include:

  • Operation cost - Managers can understand how support activities are impacting their business, allowing them to prioritize assignments and deploy resources more efficiently.
  • Support quality - Users analyze ticket trends and knowledge article metrics to quickly adapt to changing customer support needs.
  • Customer satisfaction - Monitoring the ticket queue allows managers to immediately address concerns with high visibility situations. To improve the customer service feedback, customer survey metrics indicate perceptions of the operation and details areas of improvements with the service and the agents.

Evan Jones, co-founder, Real Data Technologies, Inc. said in a prepared statement, "A business with a service desk that is aligned to business outcomes and uses the appropriate metrics to monitor the definitions of success will increase the effectiveness and efficiency of service support resulting in a huge competitive advantage"

ServeOptics currently integrates with some of the top ITSM platforms available including those from ServiceNow, BMC, Cherwell and ivanti. The company also claims that custom integrations for additional platforms are available upon request.