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Pure Storage Expands ‘As a Service’ Cloud Portolio

Pure Storage has announced two new cloud-native services plus an updated management platform to help partners and customers simplify infrastructure, operations and applications.

The efforts include Pure Fusion and Portworx Data Services, plus Pure1 Management Portal enhancements. Among the details to note:

1. Pure Fusion is a self-service, autonomous storage environment built on a cloud operating model. Partners and customers can leverage on-demand consumption and back-end provisioning across storage pools, including volumes, file systems and data services on the fly across Pure's FlashArray, FlashBlade, Cloud Block Store and Portworx offerings, the company says. Fusion will be in preview by the end of this year, with general availability to come in the first half of 2022, the company says.

2. Portworx Data Services is a database-as-a-service (DBaaS) platform for Kubernetes that allows DevOps engineers to deploy a managed data service on Kubernetes with options for SQL, NoSQL, search, streaming and more, according to the statement. Portworx Data Services enables automation of monitoring, backups, high availability, disaster recovery, migration, auto-scaling and security capabilities, as well. The Early Access Program for Portworx Data Services is now open. General availability will come in early 2022, the company says. The technology is based on Pure's buyout of Portworx from 2020.

3. The Pure1 Management Platform now gives partners and customers "greater visibility into SLAs, cloud environment performance and container infrastructure, as well as the ability to predict issues and recommend remediations" the company says.

Pure Storage As-A-Service: A Familiar Journey

Like much of the storage industry, Pure Storage has been shifting to storage-as-a-service model that supports multiple clouds. The business transition has been showing signs of progress. For instance, Pure Storage revenue was $412.7 million for the quarter ended May 2, 2021, up 12 percent from the corresponding quarter in 2020.

Charles Giancarlo, CEO, Pure Storage
Charles Giancarlo, CEO, Pure Storage

Pure Storage CEO Charles Giancarlo, a Cisco Systems veteran, has been leading the business evolution. In a prepared statement about the three new product and service offerings, Giancarlo said:

“Since our founding, Pure has delivered simplicity and reliability at scale - what organizations  need more than ever as they embrace what modern applications and data can do for their  business. Our new software innovations further our long-standing goal of making infrastructure  invisible to the end user, delivering it as a service, and making using it as simple as calling an  API.”

Pure Storage partner program information is here.

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