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MSP360 Doubles Storage Limits for Free Backup Solution

Cybersecurity, essential technology, Businesses utilizing advanced cybersecurity technology on a global network, protection and defense, safeguarding critical data and ensuring digital securityCybersecurity, essential technology, Businesses utilizing advanced cybersecurity technology on a global network, protection and defense, safeguarding critical data and ensuring digital security

Backup and IT management solutions provider MSP360 has introduced a significant upgrade to the free edition of its backup solution, the company announced today. Customers using MSP360 Free Backup can now store up to 500 GB with select public cloud providers, doubling the previous limit of 250 GB, CEO Brian Helwig told ChannelE2E. This move aims to enhance data protection awareness among end users storing personal data and assisting startups at their early stages before they transition to the more advanced solutions offered in MSP360's portfolio.

"We get a lot of IT lovers, break-fix shops, prosumers and the like, along with MSPs," Helwig said. "And they don’t want to go with someone big, at least at first, but they still want to know their stuff is secure. This is our way of being there – we’re there for the beginning when MSPs start until they get all the way up to 10 thousand endpoints. We will continue to give back to the community as they grow and we grow with them," Helwig said.

MSP360 has increased the storage limits for several public cloud providers available in its free backup solution, including Wasabi, Backblaze B2, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Storage, Helwig said. For customers using Amazon Web Services (AWS), however, the storage limits are still 5TB and local backup limits remain unchanged. MSP360 Free Backup offers the basics, including file-based backup and object lock. MSP360 Free Backup is provided on a per-computer basis with an annual subscription.

More advanced solutions in MSP360’s portfolio support options such as image-based backup, MS SQL and Exchange Backup, Hyper-V/VMware Backup, the company said, but for many customers, the Free Backup option is sufficient as they grow. And that's just how MSP360 wants it.

"We asked ourselves, 'What do we want to be when we grow up?' And the answer is, 'The number-one MSP platform on the planet," Helwig said. "If you’re an MSP and you’re starting out, the first thing you want to do is get QuickBooks; the second thing is MSP360. You can onboard customers and clients, you get RMM, backup and remote connectivity. Our platform is multi-tenant with least-privilege access and we abide by all best practices. We have immutable storage, and through our partnership with Deep Instinct, EDR is easy to deploy -- you check a box and it’s on. You can put your data anywhere you want and move it cloud-to-cloud, cloud-to-on-premises, you own your data. Our MSP contracts are month-to-month, always. We commit to services. If we’re doing our job, they stay with us month after month," Helwig said.

The Free Backup solution delivers leads to the MSP360 team, Helwig said, and that furthers the relationship. He said when individual customers sign up, they are sent to a partner or reseller or, if they're an MSP, they start a conversation about working with MSP360.

He said that Free Backup has approximately 115,000 downloads at the time of writing, and he expects significant growth with the announcement that backup capacity has doubled. In addition, MSP360 also offers a free remote connect product for remote desktop, available to MSPs, small offices and anyone who is tasked with IT management.

Offering these solutions for free is part of MSP360s mission, and it not only helps the organization, but the entire IT community protect themselves against cybersecurity threats.

“Everything we do is with intention,” said Helwig. “The more people with access to reliable backup and disaster recovery services, the more data we can protect from cybercriminals. Additionally, by increasing the storage limits of our free backup product, we can more effectively target small businesses in their formative stages. As a result, we can guide them as they expand toward our broader offerings.”