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Nerdio, SherWeb Seek to Accelerate Microsoft Azure’s SMB Cloud Adoption

Vadim Vladimirskiy
Vadim Vladimirskiy

Although cloud adoption has been rising dramatically over the last few years, adoption among SMBs sometimes struggles a bit for a number of reasons. Small business owners are extremely concerned about cost, complexity, and the security of their IT solutions. Providers who are able to put these fears and concerns to rest are winning the battle for this key market.

With that goal in mind, Nerdio and SherWeb are partnering to help boost SMB confidence in cloud services, and associated Microsoft Azure deployments.

Nerdio develops ITaaS automation that enables automated provisioning, management, and optimization of complete IT environments in the Microsoft Azure cloud. And SherWeb serves over 7,000 channel partners and their end customers in over 100 countries around the world

SherWeb has been trying to help cloud resellers become one-stop shops for SMBs. The companies hope that the new global distribution agreement will drive the expansion of Nerdio’s international presence via SherWeb’s worldwide network of partners and business customers.

Nerdio for Azure provides:

  • Discovery Tools - Inventory the existing IT environment through discovery tools
  • Automated Provisioning - Create a new IT environment within two hours and without any involvement from an engineer
  • Onboarding Tools - Migrate users and data to Nerdio for Azure via onboarding tools
  • Backup & DR Automation - Automate complete system backups and out-of-region disaster recovery
  • Intelligent AutoScaling - Intelligent usage-based auto-scaling of compute resources by dynamically resizing or shutting down remote desktop hosts and VDI desktops
  • Performance Monitoring - Monitor desktop performance by measuring the actual end-user experience rather than traditional system metrics

Nerdio’s CEO, Vadim Vladimirskiy, mentioned in a prepared statement that the company's goal has always been "to make it simple and painless for more organizations to harness the power of Azure." With distribution efforts through SherWeb, they will be able to reach many more organizations and hopefully help them with their digital transformations.