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Monnit Launches Internet of Things (IoT) Partner Program


We recently discussed the difficulties organizations have been facing implementing Internet of Things strategies in their companies. IoT solutions, when implemented properly, can offer amazing insight into many parts of the entire business, but it is not without some security risks.

While decision makers within a company are striving to understand the importance and need for IoT implementations, many partners are still running behind the curve trying to figure out the best way to deploy and manage sensors, emerging devices and data-gathering tools -- while proving end-to-end security.

Monnit IoTvantage: Can It Help?

Enter Monnit, which has launched a program called IoTvantage to assist partners with their IoT needs. The program provides business partners (distributors, VARs, system integrators, independent software vendors, MSPs and OEMs) a method to connect customers to IoT solutions through market-ready kits.

The kits in the IoTvantage program allow distributors and resellers to provide application specific kits that take less than five minutes to set up, the company claims. Each kit is available with either cellular or Ethernet connectivity and wireless sensors specifically designed for the application. The following kits are available now:

  • Commercial Refrigeration
  • Remote Real Estate
  • HVAC
  • Pharmacies and Labs
  • IT Server Rooms
  • Corporate Properties
  • Agriculture
  • Mobile Refrigeration
  • Industrial Manufacturing
  • Small Business

The kits feature Monnit’s ALTA enterprise wireless sensors, which offer 1,000+ foot wireless range (non-line-of-sight), 10+ year battery life and bank-level security (Monnit’s new Encrypt-RF™ integrated security). Monnit’s IoT solutions feature all of the hardware and software needed without requiring any additional subscriptions or monthly fees.

IoTvantage: Partnerships

The program could be re-sold as a subscription service to clients, and partners can private label and sell the solution as their own. Custom kitting, product development and customized software features are available to help partners tailor the solution for their customer’s specific needs.

Ways companies can partner with Monnit using IoTvantage include:

  • Become a Value Added Reseller -  Reseller program to help deliver solutions and services.
  • Create System Integrations - Products or systems already developed (or in development) and are in need of ways to increase revenue or enhance the product's value proposition.
  • Independent Software Vendors - Software solutions in need of wireless sensing hardware to bring in additional data or perform tasks on data received.
  • OEM Opportunities - Sensors, gateways and monitoring software that can be branded and sold by any company.

Managing IoT solutions are quickly becoming a skill many MSPs will need to have ready when working with clients. Will IoTvantage help to close that skills gap? We'll be watching.