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Microsoft Windows Server & Office 365 Cloud Backup, Restore: Next Moves

Early in my IT service management career, I learned how important backups are for a business. A mistake I made ended up costing the company $11,000 in data recovery. Ever since this happened, I have sung the praises of backups. Not just backups, but backups for your backups and more. While my mistake happened almost 20 years ago, and the current IT landscape looks completely different, backup and recovery is still an extremely important part of your IT service catalog.

Cloud services like Office 365 and OneDrive often make customers complacent about backups. The decision makers can sometimes rely too heavily on the cloud service to be responsible for backing up company data. Many organizations, however, understand that trusting one solution with important company data would be a huge mistake.

Backup and Recovery Solutions: HubStor ManageEngine

With those realities in mind, two platforms have recently released updates to their Microsoft Office 365 and Windows Server backup solutions, respectively.

For starters, HubStor unveiled new Office 365 recovery features that enable organizations to restore content directly to Exchange Online, SharePoint Online, and OneDrive for Business in a more granular manner.

Meanwhile, ManageEngine enhanced its Active Directory and virtual environment backup and restoration solution, with the ability to periodically back up Windows servers and restore them.

More About Hubstor: Organizations can now perform the following types of recovery operations direct to Office 365 from their HubStor archive residing in the Microsoft Azure cloud platform:

  • Restore at the level of list item, folder, document library, and site directly to SharePoint Online.
  • Restore everything under a SharePoint, Group, or OneDrive for Business site collection.
  • Restore items and folders directly to OneDrive for Business.
  • Restore at the level of message, folder, or mailbox level directly to Exchange Online.
  • Restore multiple mailboxes to Exchange Online simultaneously with automatic mapping to target mailboxes.
  • Export mailbox content directly from Azure Blob Storage to a single PST file or multiple user-based PST files.

More about ManageEngine: With backup and restoration support for Windows servers, administrators can use RecoveryManager Plus to:

  • Back up entire servers and restore them from scratch.
  • Take incremental backups to drastically improve backup duration and reduce storage space.
  • Perform file, folder and volume-level backup and restoration of Windows servers.
  • Schedule backups to occur during non-business hours to ensure minimal strain on servers.

Rapid, easy data restore is increasingly important amid the spread of ransomware attacks and breaches. To address data protection from all angles, the typical MSP, most research suggests, leverages roughly three BDR (backup and disaster recovery) solutions. The new HubStor and ManageEngine features are both available immediately.