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LiveAction Acquires Savvius for Network Performance Monitoring and Diagnostics Push

Savvius CEO Larry Zulch
Savvius CEO Larry Zulch
LiveAction CEO Brooks Borcherding

LiveAction, a provider of IT network management, visualization, and analytics software, has acquired Savvius, a provider of packet-capture and analytics appliances and forensic software solutions. Financial terms of the deal were not disclosed.

The deal's goal: Create the industry’s most advanced network performance monitoring and diagnostics (NPMD) platform. And yes, service providers can leverage the technology. "We have a VISION for the next generation of NPMD!" CEO Brooks Borcherding tells ChannelE2E.

Indeed, the Savvius deal is the latest in a series of strategic moves for LiveAction, which is gaining attention as an SD-WAN enabler for businesses and service providers.

The company's CEO post in April quietly shifted from Walter Scott to Borcherding -- two MSP software industry who have previously built multiple fast-growth technology companies. Also in April, the company made a data center and SD-WAN splash at a Cisco partner gathering  And in late 2017, the company acquired LivingObjects.

Savvius Enters the Picture

Fast forward to present day, and LiveAction offers a LiveSP software platform for service providers.  So where does Savvius fit in? There are at least three key areas to track closely. They include:

1. Accelerate development

Watch for LiveAction to accelerate development of the Omnipliance, Omnipeek, and Insight products. These products are already used by network professionals at over 6,000 companies in 60 countries around the world. The platforms give users visibility to anticipate and resolve network performance issues. Development on the Omnipliance, Omnipeek, and Insight products will continue to be based in Walnut Creek, California, the companies say.

2. Combine strengths

According to the company, the combination of LiveAction’s flow analytics and Savvius’s packet technologies will transform the Network Performance Monitoring and Diagnostics market with solutions that advance the frontier of visualization and simplicity.

3. Expand product offering

The main goal of the acquisition, however, is to create a broad network performance monitoring and diagnostics platform that gives users a more complete picture. The combined efforts of both companies could give users the ability to visualize, simplify, optimize, and troubleshoot enterprise networks, from data center to edge including East/West traffic and key multi-vendor application and performance monitoring metrics.

Deeper Details

In an email exchange with ChannelE2E, LiveAction vice chairman and chief strategy officer Darren Kimura shared these perspectives.

ChannelE2E: When did LiveAction and Savvius begin discussions? And were the synergies clear from the start of the discussions?

LiveAction’s Darren Kumura

Kimura: We have known of Savvius for many years when they were known as WildPackets as a user of their Omnipeek product. Recently we approached Savvius in the context of a partnership as we continue to pursue avenues to expand our portfolio, and overall value proposition for our customers. In the partnership discussion, the many synergies quickly became clear. Savvius is amazing in packet capture and analysis, has great international coverage and deep expertise in physical appliances.  LiveAction is best in class for network flow and SNMP analysis, has a strong America’s presence and has been developing virtualized technologies since our founding. Combining the companies allows us to build an integrated roadmap and more tightly align packets and network flow. The result will be a unique offering in the market with an integrated suite of products that will help our customer solve the toughest network problems with the simplicity that LiveAction has been known for throughout the industry.  

ChannelE2E: Did the companies have any type of relationship ahead of this M&A deal?

Kimura: We would see Savvius f.k.a. WildPackets at every Cisco Live. We have long been impressed with their ability to understand packets to the level they can analyze and report. It’s very similar to how LiveAction works with Network flow.

ChannelE2E: For partners and service providers, what are the potential benefits from the deal?

Kimura: Over time we will look to combine the different channel strategies into a unified channel approach. When this happens we can see the expansion of product capabilities. For example the LiveNX and LiveSP platforms have vastly improved diagnostics and troubleshooting capabilities with Savvius’ packet capture.  In this case we look to offer the platforms in an integrated solution offering and go to market with our partners. This will simply improve our value proposition to customers and partners.

ChannelE2E: How many employees did LiveAction have ahead of the deal, and how many employees did Savvius have ahead of the deal?

Kumura: LiveAction had 140 and Savvius 60. The combination puts LiveAction at 200.

ChannelE2E: Are all of the Savvius employees joining LiveAction?

Kimura: Yes.

ChannelE2E: Will Savvius CEO Larry Zulch have a role in the combined companies or is he moving on to new opportunities?

Kimura: Larry will become an Executive Vice President at LiveAction and the General Manager of Savvius a LiveAction Company.

Additional reporting by Joe Panettieri.