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Kaseya Makes Cybersecurity, Network and Cloud Monitoring Push for MSPs

Kaseya has unveiled a new Powered Services initiative to help MSPs further monetize their services -- particularly security, network and cloud monitoring services.

The initiative extends beyond Kaseya's core RMM (remote monitoring and management) and PSA (professional services automation) offerings, a clear sign that the company wants MSPs to further monetize at least three platforms that Kaseya has acquired over the years.

So far, the new Powered Services effort features Kaseya’s AuthAnvil Security-as-a-Service (SECaaS) and Traverse Network Monitoring-as-a-Service (NMaaS). The company plans to add cloud management (based on the recent Unigma acquisition) this fall. No doubt, all three offerings serve growth markets -- and that spells opportunity for MSPs.

Backed By Kaseya Sales Tools

MSPs that sell the Powered Services can leverage multiple Kaseya sales tools to drive customer engagements. The MSPs can brand the marketing tools as their own to attract customers.

Author: Kaseya’s Jim Lippie
Jim Lippie

“It’s one thing to sell software to MSPs, but it’s another thing to empower them with the knowledge and skills to be successful and grow their business,” Jim Lippie, GM of cloud computing, Kaseya, tells ChannelE2E. “Powered Services is specifically designed to make MSPs more successful with a go-to-market package. So we’ve created a comprehensive sales enablement package around our software that allows them to better understand the marketplace and then give them the sales and marketing tools to launch a new service and be successful with it.”

Powered Services was designed with the company’s “Times 20” philosophy, according to Lippie. “For every dollar you spend on Kaseya software we want to make sure that you’re getting returned $20,” he says. “Everything within the organization is built around that.”

With that goal in mind, Lippie says the company decided to include training tools to help MSPs reach clients and espouse the benefits of Kaseya’s products, essentially providing everything from training to sales and client management. “It’s important that MSPs understand how to bring this type of product, one of our Powered Services products, to market and really be successful with it. So it’s a lot of education and training,” he says.

MSPs go through a certification program for each bundle -- which Lippie says takes about 90 minutes.  Plus, there's a new twist on pricing. The offerings are available in these pricing formats...

AuthAnvil Security as a Service:

  • $3,200 annual subscription, first year includes 8 customer licenses w/ up to 250 seats
  • After the initial eight, each customer pack is $400

 Traverse Network Monitoring as a Service: $5,000 annual subscription.

“It’s fantastic from that perspective because it essentially drops the effective per-user-per-month price point drastically over the competition,” Lippie asserts.

MSP Software Industry Evolution

Kaseya returned to growth mode in 2016 after some leadership, ownership and M&A challenges in the 2014 timeframe. Lippie, an MSP veteran himself, joined the company earlier this year.

No doubt, the MSP software market remains highly competitive, and most of the major players are evolving to push beyond RMM, PSA and BDR tools. Among the example moves:

Still, Kaseya's own business appears to be growing again. The Powered Services push could help to further accelerate that momentum -- along with partner revenues.

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