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IT By Design Launches Virtual CIO Service for MSPs


IT By Design (ITBD) has launched MSP Compass, a virtual CIO service for MSPs that want executive-level guidance to become more competitive and scale business growth, ITBD says.

Sunny Kaila, CEO, IT By Design
Sunny Kaila, CEO, IT By Design

ITBD is a master MSP that provides network operations center (NOC), help desk and other IT services designed for MSPs. The company first previewed MSP Compass during a virtual conference in September 2020.

MSP Compass's goal is to elevate the operational maturity level (OML) of the MSP, regardless of its current stage of maturity, size and growth, ITBD said.

In a prepared statement about the service, ITBD CEO Sunny Kaila said:

“Much like a personal trainer who works side-by-side with you to grow your strengths and then teaches you how to sustain your efforts. vCIO services provide a designated time to explore where your MSP needs to improve. We’ll help you identify and grow core competencies and leverage clear roadmaps for technology and business operations to achieve the next level of success. The combination of best practices and accountability helps MSP leaders focus their energy on areas of the business where change has the biggest impact. The result is a competitive edge and the ability to shift into hyper-growth mode and grow exponentially.

All of our solutions are built from our own experience as an MSP for nearly two decades—for MSPs by an MSP,” adds Kaila. “With more than 100 years of combined MSP expertise within our leadership team, we understand what it takes operationally, strategically, and financially to move an MSP forward to sustainable growth."

vCIOs, Operational Maturity and More

The vCIO service arrives at a key time for MSPs, many of which are striving to improve EBITDA (earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation and amortization). Heightened EBITDA, in turn, improves an MSP's business valuation.

Virtual CIO services have been in and around the MSP market for roughly a decade. Early vCIO evangelists include TruMethods, an MSP coaching organization. In many cases, the trend involved an MSP offering vCIO expertise to end-customers. But in this case, ITBD is promoting the vCIO expertise to the MSP itself.

Operational maturity level (OML), meanwhile, is a key theme long evangelized by Service Leadership Inc., a consulting and benchmarking firm that helps IT solution providers build shareholder value. ConnectWise acquired Service Leadership earlier this month.

ITBD and ConnectWise compete on some fronts, particularly in the areas of NOC and help desk services.

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