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Invarosoft: Reinventing MSP Portals for Customer Support?

While working for an IT service provider in my career, we have used several different platforms for ticket entry and management. At some points, we have tried to create our own, and other times we have used more established programs. One of the big problems we would run into when onboarding new clients was letting them know how to obtain support from us, their new IT provider. Mostly, we would pass out cards, stickers or magnets that can be placed on an end users desk detailing the various ways they can get help.

MSPs also need to communicate and stay in contact with customer end users. IT providers send out monthly or weekly newsletters to their clients, but usually, only the main point of contact at the company will receive that message. Ensuring that end users know of any upcoming days when your office will be closed or letting them know about an important virus outbreak can really help reduce customer frustration and phone support calls.

Aiming to address those and other challenges, Invarosoft is looking to become the standard in how IT support is provided to businesses. The new global SaaS platform, backed by eNerds of Australia,  has enabled end users to see a streamlined branded portal to access IT Support, log tickets, provide feedback, read the news and much more. The company claims it can help MSPs and ITSPs ‘be remarkable’ so they can scale their business profitability.

Invarosoft's MSP Automation Tools

Invarosoft has released three platforms: ITSupportPanelITNewsPanel and ITAppsPanel, and claims that they represent the natural evolution of how IT support should be delivered through a portal – visible, easy to use and specifically designed with you and your clients' needs in mind. So far, the company's tools integrate with Autotask and ConnectWise, with more PSA (professional services automation) and CRM (customer relationship management) integrations on the way, Invarosoft says.

Here's a closer look at each on, based on the company's documentation:

1. ITSupportPanel

Through the ITSupportPanel, users are able to see an icon clearly labeled with "IT" that they are able to click on to bring up the Panel. The Panel can be customized from the MSP or ITSP with information like:

  • Brand. Configure your brand or even your client's, logo and color collections.
  • Buttons. Customizable button collections enabling you to link to URL’s, such as; PSA Portal, Self Help, Training Videos, Chat Support etc.
  • TicketsSimple end user ticket logging into your PSA (which can be connected to popular applications like Connectwise and Autotask)
  • Feedback. Feedback form & Contact details form.

The Panel also features:

  • Easy Access. No Username or Password and an easy to find ‘IT’ button.
  • AD Harvester. Sync users into your PSA
  • All Devices. Native App for Windows, Mac, IOS & Android
  • Communicate. News & comms with ITNewsPanel.
  • Apps. Apps configured per client with ITAppsPanel.

This panel can give your clients an extremely easy way to get support, without having to make a phone call. Some companies that are using the product have claimed that it has reduced their inbound phone calls by 50%. Reducing these calls can help service desks prioritize the queue better and make sure that the most important tickets are being handled quickly and effectively.

2. ITNewsPanel

This is an add-on to the ITSupportPanel. The ITNewsPanel will show up within the ITSupportPanel and can offer a great way to stay in contact with individual end users. Instead of counting on the end user to visit your social media channels, or see the email newsletters you might send out you can put that information right at their fingertips.

ITNewsPanel includes features like:

  • ITNewsFlicker. Broadcast your news, surveys & sales promotions.
  • ITNewsSocial. Engage users with social media.
  • Unlimited Articles. Unlimited news articles.
  • Targeted. Targeted news campaigns based on client & date.
  • Links. All articles & social buttons can link to URL’s.

3. ITAppsPanel

The ITAppsPanel solves the problem clients have of standardizing access to their apps. Setting up desktops with all the icons that a user will need when they first start at a client's company can take quite a while. With the ITAppsPanel, you only need to set it up once and rely on the users to use the ITSupportPanel when they want to access those applications. This is actually a great idea since it cuts down setup time, and also trains end users to open the Panel often. When pushing through important news and updates, it is great for the end user to open the Panel often enough that they will see those notifications. Also, if the end user is accustomed to opening the portal often, they will also head there first when they are looking for support, instead of reach for their phone.

Assuming the offering work as advertised, I really can see how the ITSupportPanel can make a huge difference with end users. It can be hard, especially when onboarding a new client, to get the users comfortable with the way your company does business. The ITSupportPanel looks like a great way to bridge that gap, in my opinion, and I can definitely see how it could in turn reduce the amount of phone calls to the support desk.