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Help Desk Ticketing Software: AI Meets Slack, Zendesk


HappyFox, Inc., released its HappyFox Assist AI that leverages AI to help IT and HR teams auto-resolve user questions and manage support via Slack, according to a statement released by the company.

HappyFox’s AI-powered conversational support solution allows organizations to better manage IT and HR support through integration with the Slack collaboration platform, according to the statement. Assist AI also is compatible with knowledge base tools like Confluence, as well as ticketing systems like Zendesk and the company’s own HappyFox Help Desk, and is aimed at organizations with large work-from-home or hybrid workforces that use those platforms as their primary method of communication, the company said.

HappyFox Assist AI Leverages AI and Automation to Improve IT and HR Support

HappyFox is a software-as-a-service (SaaS) help desk system that leverages automation, conversational ticketing and AI to deliver key support elements, according to the company. The Assist AI solution deploys quickly and requires little training, according to the statement. Its automated service is available 24/7 and is designed to supplement, rather than replace, help desk and service desk teams. For MSPs and channel partners, it can help save time, resources and personnel costs while improving customer experience.

Instead of end-users and support agents spending time using traditional phone or email to handle support requests, they can engage through their preferred communication or collaboration platform and resolve common issues quickly and efficiently, according to the statement.

Assist AI responds to routine requests by accessing a company's knowledge base while continuously learning patterns from each ticket it resolves, according to the statement. When Assist AI can't resolve an issue, it can automatically escalate tickets to an agent, also via Slack. In early testing, HappyFox Assist AI initially was able to resolve up to 40% of IT tickets, but the company said the ultimate goal is to deflect 60% of all frequently asked questions to automatic resolution.

Accelerated Ticketing Resolution

Shalin Jain, co-founder and CEO, HappyFox
Shalin Jain, co-founder and CEO, HappyFox

Assist AI reduces the time it takes to resolve tickets and train new employees because it understands employee terminology and expressions, according to the statement. Assist AI also helps ensure compliance, creating an audit trail by syncing all support conversations back to the ticketing system in use, the company said.

"Digital transformation has never been more critical than it is right now," said Shalin Jain, founder and CEO of HappyFox. "Assist AI supports transformation efforts by giving IT and HR teams time to focus on the big picture and work on exciting new initiatives instead of managing repetitive tasks that can easily be automated. When bots manage simple issues, people have more time to focus on strategic tasks and improve the employee experience."