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Druva Adds Cyber Resiliency Offerings for MSPs

SaaS data resilience platform provider Druva announced the launch of cyber resiliency offerings for Managed Service Providers (MSPs) globally. The Security Posture and Observability (SP&O) and Accelerated Ransomware Recovery (ARR) solutions enable Druva MSP partners access to ransomware response and recovery capabilities to help protect their clients' data against malicious attacks, ensuring rapid response and guaranteed recovery, the company said.

The Druva platform also offers MSPs continuous monitoring and a centralized view of customers' security posture and data risks. Integrations with SIEM and SOAR platforms further enhance the speed and scale of response and recovery actions, Druva said.

The new expansion of capabilities enables MSPs and Managed Security Service Providers (MSSPs) to offer comprehensive cyber resilience and recovery services as an add-on to their core data protection services. These cyber resiliency add-ons open up new revenue opportunities for MSPs while meeting the critical security needs of their customers, Druva said.

Mike Houghton, SVP of worldwide partners and alliances, Druva, commented on the news:

“At Druva, we recognize that cyber threats are not a matter of 'if,' but 'when.' Our new cyber resiliency offering for MSPs is a game-changer for safeguarding their clients' businesses. It's not just about recovering from attacks; it's about a foundation of protection and data insights that allow IT and security stakeholders to continuously improve their readiness, response, and recovery capabilities. We're not only fortifying businesses against cyber risks, but also enabling them to emerge stronger and more resilient.”