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CYTRACOM Introduces Passwordless ControlOne Platform

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CYTRACOM is introducing new network security capabilities for MSPs, including a passwordless experience for its ControlOne platform. The new features aim to improve efficiency for MSPs and prevent end users from evading security controls.

CYTRACOM's update to its ControlOne platform enables MSPs to prevent managed clients from evading security requirements and create a passwordless experience for end-users. Managed users are now always on the virtual corporate network, secured by unified global security policies, with an experience that is transparent to end users, the company said. 

CYTRACOM Introduces New Security Features

With the latest release of ControlOne, CYTRACOM is removing the end user from the process of joining or connecting to corporate network infrastructures, the company said. This involves introducing silent deployment through identity management, which requires no interaction with an end user. Once deployed, end users are always on the corporate network regardless of location and are protected by firewall and security policies directly managed by the MSP. This also enables MSPs to prevent users from disconnecting from the network, essentially closing a major security gap that exists in most solutions available in the market today. CYTRACOM’s new ControlOne agent also enables a passwordless experience for users.

“With the new capabilities of the ControlOne agent, we are demonstrating our continued commitment to driving innovation within the network security market for managed services providers,” said CYTRACOM co-founder and CEO Zane Conkle. “Working closely with MSPs, we are removing the complexity of connecting and securing users without compromising performance and security. The ControlOne platform enables MSPs to meet the challenges of today’s distributed workforce and alleviate the increasing pressure from regulatory and compliance entities, all while driving increased profit for our partners.”

“e are uniquely leveraging identity management, initially with Microsoft Azure AD and other third-party identity providers coming soon. With this update, the ControlOne agent can now be silently deployed by MSPs through RMM platforms. Unlike VPN software and other security solutions, no interaction with the end user is necessary during setup,” said Eric Romano, head of ControlOne development, CYTRACOM

 “No longer do have to complete set-up procedures or connect and disconnect from the network,” Romano added. “ControlOne is always on and enables users to work without having to learn specific processes based on their location like they were forced to do with legacy VPN solutions.”

Ensuring Compliance

The combination of the new silent deployment and passwordless experience of the CYTRACOM ControlOne agent, along with its ability to eliminate VPNs and firewalls, ensures MSPs achieve compliance with industry regulations and mandates set forth by cyberinsurance providers and other regulatory bodies, according to the company.

“In today’s hybrid work environments, we know everyone isn’t working inside an office building, but with CYTRACOM’s ControlOne platform, MSPs can securely connect and protect users as if they were inside the perimeter of their corporate network at all times,” says CYTRACOM COO John Tippett. “ControlOne enables MSPs to regain control over their customers’ networks. By eliminating the end user from the equation, MSPs can achieve secure networks and enforce compliance, eliminating vulnerabilities introduced by legacy VPN and on-premises firewalls.”