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ConnectWise Rebrands Cybersecurity Products for MSPs

Credit: ConnectWise
Raffael Marty, GM, security, ConnectWise
Raffael Marty, GM, security, ConnectWise

ConnectWise has rebranded multiple products and services in its cybersecurity portfolio for MSPs. The goal: Shift to well-known industry standard security terms that MSPs easily understand, according to Raffael Marty, general manager of cybersecurity at ConnectWise.

The rebranded solutions reinforce ConnectWise's lofty ambitions in the security market, where MSPs are seeking to drive down risk, accelerate automation and improve profit margins.

The rebranded solutions also phase out the acquired Perch Security and Stratozen business brands -- though the associated back-end security services continue to march forward in various forms described below.

ConnectWise: 10 Cybersecurity Services to Know

The rebranded ConnectWise security products and services include:

  1. ConnectWise Cybersecurity Management describes the overall portfolio, previously known as ConnectWise Fortify.
  2. ConnectWise SaaS Security (formerly Fortify SaaS)
  3. ConnectWise Risk Assessment (formerly Fortify Assessment)
  4. ConnectWise Endpoint Policy Management (formerly Fortify Protection)
  5. ConnectWise MDR  -- leveraging SentinelOne or Bitdefender (formerly Fortify Endpoint)
  6. ConnectWise SIEM (formerly SIEM Only powered by Perch)
  7. ConnectWise Co-Managed SIEM (formerly co-managed SIEM powered by StratoZen; and Network Threat Detection by Perch)
  8. ConnectWise Identity Assessment (formerly ConnectWise Identify)
  9. ConnectWise Incident Response Service (newly introduced)
  10. ConnectWise SOC will now be available only with MDR or SIEM services

Cybersecurity Profits: Does the Financial Math Work for ConnectWise, OEMs and MSPs?

If you read the list above, you'll find that ConnectWise is leveraging a mix of in-house talent (SOC analysts, etc.); home-grown or acquired intellectual property; and partner integrations involving Bitdefender & SentinelOne.

That made ChannelE2E wonder: Amid those various costs, can ConnectWise deliver the security services above in a way that allows MSPs to profitably extend the services to end-customers?

We posed that question to Raffael Marty, general manager of cybersecurity at ConnectWise. His response: ConnectWise's cyber business is growing very rapidly, which essentially proves the financial math is working for MSP partners. Still,  our conversation at IT Nation Secure 2022 this week in Orlando did not get into specific revenue and profit-margin figures.

Joe Panettieri

Joe Panettieri is co-founder & editorial director of MSSP Alert and ChannelE2E, the two leading news & analysis sites for managed service providers in the cybersecurity market.