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Connected Solutions Group Launches New Partner Program

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Wireless hardware deployment and services company Connected Solutions Group (CSG) has launched a new channel compensation program.

The CSG Partner Network will allow strategic partners to expand their connectivity offerings into cellular and 5G sales enablement and deployment services for their customers, the company said.

The different compensation models will vary between lead generation or co-sell movements for wireless and FWA (fixed-wireless access) on 5G, IoT connectivity, pots-line replacement, field services, emergency or disaster response connectivity, on-demand remote connectivity needs, storage, fulfillment and staging and kitting services and more, CSG said.

CSG Partner Network: Executive Commentary

Michael Pittman, CEO, CSG
Michael Pittman, CEO, CSG

Michael Pittman, CEO, CSG, commented:

“This nationwide program is about so much more than just introducing a comp model to a potential partner. It’s about truly enabling our network by training them on what has worked for us, giving them access to our nationwide resources, leveraging our support and managed services teams, and being able to really flex some muscle to your customers knowing the weight you have behind you.”

Cannon Loudermilk, director of the program for CSG, said:

“Our goal is to give smaller companies that have wonderful customer relationships an entirely new arsenal of state-of-the-art products and services to offer them. It’s not about simply selling a widget or lighting up a line, it’s enabling them to provide a total customer experience that would otherwise take much larger bandwidth.”

About CSG

CSG is a Richmond, Virginia-based leading VAR and wireless hardware deployment company.

CSG was founded in 2015 and has 148 employees listed on LinkedIn. The company’s specialties include wireless hardware and Services, tablets, Cell Phones, Handsets, Routers, Modems, B2B, SMB, Verizon, OneTalk, MDM, Deployment, eHealth, telehealth, Cradlepoint, POTS replacement, EMM, IoT, emergency response, disaster recovery, mobility, VZW, co-sell, Samsung, and Apple.