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Cloud Networking as a Service Across AWS, Azure and Google Cloud

In the past, setting up a networking environment required a lot of knowledge, expense, and work. In-house deployments required everything from networking equipment and server rack configurations -- and more.

In today's cloud-first environments, much of these tasks are no longer required. Setting up cloud servers has become extremely simple. However, these changing environments and processes are creating new challenges, including that of fragmentation of resources.

As different departments feel empowered to set up cloud platforms and services on their own, a company's network configuration could wind all over the map. In response, many technology vendors are releasing various services to help manage the data provided from these platforms, but few address the networking challenges presented by these fragmented services.

Eager to fill the void, Aviatrix, a public cloud internetworking company, has launched the Aviatrix Hosted Service. The new Networking-as-a-Service platform can manage peered networks in Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform public cloud environments.

An associated Aviatrix Controller offers a centralized console for managing all secure connectivity, the company says. As a result, companies have a SaaS-like way to automate the deployment and configuration of Aviatrix Gateways in their own environment.

The Aviatrix Hosted Service and its multicloud-as-a-service approach addresses these use cases, the company claims:

  • Next-gen global transit network. Create VPCs in seconds, scale and migrate workloads from on-premises sites, and manage growing numbers of VPCs from a software-defined, centrally managed controller.
  • VPC egress security. Control VPC traffic outbound to the internet with powerful Layer 7 filtering that enables organizations to allow or deny access based on policies using high-availability, in-line gateways.
  • Remote user VPN. Provide secure remote access to VPCs and cloud services for developers, employees and partners—using the cloud-native Aviatrix solution, based on OpenVPN technologies.
  • Multicloud peering. Simplify networking among AWS, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform public cloud infrastructures. Use Aviatrix’s native, API-based approach to centrally manage connectivity spanning multiple cloud services.
  • Encrypted peering. Meet corporate and regulatory compliance requirements by encrypting data in motion. Use IPsec between any two VPCs to centrally manage secure peering across accounts and clouds.
  • Site-to-cloud VPN. Create secure connections from on-premises data centers, sites or branch locations to cloud resources. Use existing on-prem hardware and internet infrastructure to minimize costs.

The Aviatrix Hosted Service, including a 14-day free trial, is available immediately at or at the AWS Marketplace.