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Blue Mantis Debuts GitOps Tech Practice, GitMantis Platform

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Blue Mantis, a digital strategy and services provider is launching a specialized GitOps technology practice aimed at transforming clients' software development lifecycles. 

The Portsmouth, New Hampshire-based company offers digital technology services, including managed services, cybersecurity, and cloud solutions. Partnering with over 1,200 mid-market and enterprise organizations across various sectors, they have the backing of the private equity firm, Abry Partners.

Accompanying this development is the introduction of GitMantis, a managed GitOps platform that facilitates the speedy delivery of modern software code to multi-cloud environments using Kubernetes containers, according to the company.

Understanding GitOps and Its Significance

GitOps, known for securely managing infrastructure and applications, amalgamates version control with declarative infrastructure management to bolster software delivery and operational efficiency. 

This approach has garnered attention from organizations aiming to amplify collaboration and enhance the developer experience.

Blue Mantis, with over 30 years of advanced technology leadership, believes they're positioned to assist organizations in harnessing the full capabilities of GitOps.

Services Offered by Blue Mantis's GitOps Technology Practice

The practice comprises a cadre of experienced GitOps engineers and consultants well-versed in GitOps principles. Blue Mantis will provide:

  • Expert Guidance: Consultation on GitOps workflows, best practices, and tools.
  • Customized Solutions: Tailored consulting and training services to ensure smooth GitOps transition.
  • Security and Compliance: Integration of security audits and validation into GitOps pipelines.
  • Continuous Improvement: Continuous services to enhance GitOps practices amidst the evolving Kubernetes scenario.

GitMantis: Bridging Application Delivery and Security

Jay Pasteris, CIO and CISO, Blue Mantis, commented:

"Our GitOps practice launch is driven by strong demand from organizations seeking to bridge the gap between development and operations by leveraging Git as a single source of truth for the entire software delivery processes. The world runs on software, and Blue Mantis believes that GitOps is not only a game-changer for developers but absolutely critical for a holistic security strategy. Through our GitOps practice and new GitMantis solution, we're actively delivering the knowledge and advanced tools our clients need to succeed in their digital transformation journey."

Christian Tate, CEO, CloudTruth, commented:

"For organizations building and deploying applications in the cloud, the ability to manage configuration settings and secrets in a centralized and secure manner is an absolute must. We look forward to partnering with Blue Mantis to enable its clients to create print-perfect configurations every time and increase their deployment velocity by 50 percent with the GitMantis solution."

Chris Munford, CEO, Nethopper, said:

"As Kubernetes adoption increases, so does the challenge of efficiently managing containerized applications at scale. By embracing GitOps, companies can automate deployment and enhance the overall reliability and resilience of their Kubernetes workloads. Nethopper's extensible platform enables Blue Mantis to help clients implement customized DevOps approaches, migrate their applications to the cloud, and increase productivity with Kubernetes."