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Axcient Direct to Cloud Backup and Disaster Recovery: Coming Soon

Axcient CEO David Bennett
David Bennett, CEO, Axcient

Axcient has announced a Direct to Cloud (D2C) solution that will allow MSPs to deliver no-hardware backup and disaster recovery (BDR) to customers.

Axcient says D2C will be generally available before the end of the calendar year 2020. MSPs can sign up for an early access program to try out the new solution before the general release, according to Axcient.

D2C will arrive at a key time for Axcient and its MSP partners. Amid the coronavirus pandemic and the shift to remote work, some customers are relying less on backup to in-office servers and appliances, and shifting more of those backup workloads directly to cloud services.

Amid that reality, D2C allows MSPs to choose if they want to deploy x360Recover using no hardware, Axcient hardware, or hardware from the MSP. In addition, MSPs can use Axcient Data Centers or their own Data Centers for cloud backup, or both, the company said.

D2C is part of Axcient CEO David Bennett's strategy that calls on MSPs to simplify their SMB technology stacks.

Axcient Direct to Cloud (D2C): Potential MSP Use Cases

Axcient x360Recover now satisfies three use cases for MSPs and their clients:

  • Hardware BDR for clients who need instant local recovery and virtualization
  • No-Hardware or Direct to Cloud BDR for cloud backup instant cloud virtualization
  • Image-based Endpoint Backup to the cloud for remote workstations

MSPs can use Axcient D2C to provide traditional BDR services, workstation or endpoint backup and no-hardware BDR, according to the statement.

As part of Axcient x360Recover, Axcient D2C includes the following capabilities:

  • 15-minute RPO using Chain-Free and one-hour RTO
  • Instant cloud virtualization, for BDR and Endpoint Backup
  • Axcient AirGap safety archive for ransomware recovery
  • The Axcient x360 portal for support, training, billing, and marketing

Axcient says Axcient D2C will also offer local file and folder recovery in an upcoming release.

Axcient D2C: Responding to Demands to 'Work from Anywhere'

“The way we work will never be the same again because companies and employees are embracing the ‘work from anywhere’ model, necessitating a shift in business operations and security,” said Bennett, in a prepared statement. “To help our partners Protect Everything(TM) for clients working remotely, we created Axcient D2C. Direct to Cloud backup is the last-line-of-defense against phishing and ransomware using a layered security best practice. Axcient D2C helps realize our vision to Cure Data Loss and reduce MSP Total Cost of Managed Services (TCMS).”