ASCII Group Partners With Worklyn for IT Services Education

Cyber and M&A

The ASCII Group, a membership-based community of independent Managed Service Providers (MSPs), is teaming up with Worklyn Partners, an investment firm that specializes in cybersecurity and IT services companies, to provide education on investment, private equity and business sales.

The ASCII Group and Worklyn Partners partnership aims to bridge the gap between private equity investors and MSPs. The ASCII Group is providing a resource to its community of IT business owners who are looking to sell their companies, gather insights from sophisticated financial investors, or simply want to stay informed about industry trends and opportunities. 

Worklyn Partners seeks to build relationships with IT business leaders outside of the context of the M&A process, sharing best practices with and learning from the ASCII community, the companies said in a statement. As an investment firm, Worklyn focuses on long-term growth in IT and cybersecurity and does not require MSPs to standardize on certain technologies, allowing each IT business owner to maintain their own unique characteristics in how they serve the market. 

This collaboration presents an opportunity for ASCII members and other MSPs to gain valuable knowledge and guidance from private equity and M&A industry experts.

 “We are excited and honored to partner with ASCII, Alan, and the entire community,” explained Zack Miller, Co-Founder and President of Worklyn Partners. “We look forward to sharing our experience and learnings gleaned from the IT and cybersecurity businesses we have already invested in, and from participating in hundreds of M&A transaction processes over the past three years. But most of all, we look forward to learning from the ASCII member community.”

“By understanding the private equity landscape and being prepared for potential future opportunities, MSPs can position themselves for success,” said Alan Weinberger, CEO and Chairman of The ASCII Group. “This collaboration will provide ASCII members with insights into mergers and acquisitions, investment strategies, valuation considerations, and more.”