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Amazon Web Services (AWS) Cloud Migration Tools: Hystax Jumps In


European cloud migration specialist Hystax has stepped into the Amazon Web Services (AWS) arena, introducing automated migration tools and services for customers that want to leverage the world's largest public cloud service.

Hystax Acura Live Migration is an automated solution for AWS that uses background replication and instant launch of workloads to ensure business applications are protected during the migration process. Hystax says the solution is designed for businesses of all sizes and configured and ready-to-use within minutes. All migration flow is executed and controlled via Hystax Acura Web Portal available after deployment.

Other key features include:

  • Consistent replication of production workloads, which are sent to AWS in a “deduplicated and WAN-optimized manner.”
  • Replication of machine metadata to automate the migration process and preserve network settings.
  • Ability to test migrated workloads before switching production site to AWS.
  • Run test migrations in an isolated VPC with the ability to configure settings, run functional and performance tests, and do a final migration.
  • Run an unlimited number of test migrations without slowing production.

Hystax offers similar cloud migration services for Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform (GCP). The firm also provides disaster recovery and migration for VMware, Hyper-V, OpenStack, and more along with instant recovery to KVM and OpenStack clouds.

Certified Cloud Migration Partners, IT Pros

Hystax has also introduced a certification program for its Acura migration solution. The program comes in two forms:

  • The Hystax Certified Migration Engineer (HCME) is aimed at customers who perform their own migrations.
  • The Hystax Certified Migration Architect (HCMA) training is targets enterprise-grade customers.

On a similar note, each of the major cloud providers is scrambling to train MSPs to support migration services. And in some cases, the cloud providers themselves are acquiring technologies to ease the migrations. For instance, Google recently bought cloud migration specialist Velostrata.