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Amazon Launches AWS Activate Console to Better Support Startups


Amazon Web Services announced general availability of its AWS Activate Console, which provides free tools, resources and solutions to startups and small businesses to quickly get started on AWS.

AWS Activate is a free program that provides eligible startups with technical support, training and resources, including AWS credits and AWS support credits, to help them get started with AWS and grow their businesses, Amazon said.

AWS Activate Console Helps Support Startups

The Activate Console includes personalized tools and resources designed to support startups from their initial idea to building a minimum viable product (MVP) to securing their first customer to scaling their business on AWS and beyond, according to a statement released by Amazon.

Startups can develop a unique profile on Activate Console, which is then used to match them with pertinent AWS content, tools and resources based on their interests, needs and AWS usage, according to the statement. Startups then receive personalized recommendations on a variety of business, technology and growth strategy topics based on their profile.

Startups also can track and monitor AWS credits and costs, get exclusive offers and real-time updates on their AWS environment, according to the statement.

AWS Activate Console Features

Features of AWS Activate Console include:

Personalized Recommendation Feed

The recommendation feed curates tools and resources based on a startup's profile, interests and usage of AWS services, according to Amazon. Topics include getting started on AWS, choosing AWS Services, how-to’s, optimizing costs, available trainings and pertinent events.

Exclusive Offers

The Activate Console highlights offers for a range of services and solutions that are important to startups as they grow. These can include discounts, free products, credits and other startup-friendly perks. For example, AWS Activate has included offers, services and solutions from organizations such as DataDog, Zendesk, Stripe, BREX and HubSpot, according to the statement.

Tech Hub

The Tech Hub helps startups design, build and optimize their AWS environment with real-time updates on the health of their AWS environment, new support services to explore and a direct route to open tech support cases, according to the statement.

Cost and Credit Summary

Startups often ask for greater visibility into their AWS credit usage, balance and billing, according to Amazon. A new cost and credit dashboard within AWS Activate Console highlights their credits and balances, current AWS spend and forecasts when their credits will likely run out to help startups and SMBs make informed decisions and maximize their AWS credits.

AWS Activate is available to current and former Activate Portfolio members globally (with the exception of China). Startups who are not yet part of the Activate Portfolio program can apply here. The Activate Console is available in English, German, Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Japanese, Korean, Chinese-traditional and Chinese.