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365 Data Centers Enhances Business Continuity Services

365 Data Centers, a provider of colocation, cloud, and connectivity solutions, has upgraded its business continuity capabilities at its data centers in Smyrna/Atlanta, Georgia, and Marlboro/Boston, Massachusetts. These enhancements boost both dedicated and shared space alongside improved connectivity, targeting customers in Florida, Georgia, Tennessee, and New England, according to the company.

365 Data Centers Upgrades BC Capabilities

The recent upgrades in Smyrna and Marlboro offer 350 and 250 seats respectively, along with amenities like conference rooms, workstations, and telephones. They're backed by resilient infrastructure including UPS-supported power and backup generators, according to the company.

These continuity services promise round-the-clock access, including conditioned space and enhanced security features like partitioned walls. Customers can also connect directly to their virtual environments at any of the company’s 20 data center facilities.

Such services are vital for sectors handling sensitive data, including hospitals and financial institutions, ensuring they adhere to stringent continuity regulations.

365 Data Centers’ Expanded Offering: Executive Insight

Bob DeSantis, CEO, 365 Data Centers, commented:

“Our now enhanced business continuity services meet the most discerning needs, providing the venues and environment that customers need to operate in the normal course of business. Coupled with proximity to our colocation, network, internet, cloud, and managed service capabilities, 365 customers can be assured that their business and deliverables to their customers will continue without interruption.”

Steve Oakie, chief revenue officer, 365 Data Centers, added:

“The addition of these key sites will ensure that our existing and prospective customers will have access to high quality, high availability business continuity solutions. This will particularly benefit our large customer base in Florida and within the Northeast corridor. This development bolsters 365’s role as a leading single-source provider of IT infrastructure and business continuity services.”