The Pandemic’s Impact on the Channel: A Chat with Larry Walsh


Amy Luby, channel chief evangelist at Acronis, spoke with Larry Walsh, CEO of The 2112 Group about research his team had done into how the coronavirus pandemic was impacting the channel. They had a wide-ranging conversation that left Luby with a strong sense of optimism. Here, she shares her thoughts and a link to the conversation so everyone in the channel community can hear why the future is looking bright – despite the current challenges.

As a nation and as individuals, the ongoing health crisis has shaken us to the core. We’ve never experienced something like this in modern history, which leaves people scared and uncertain as to what’s coming next. That’s why, when I spoke with Larry Walsh, CEO of The 2112 Group, about the research they did regarding the coronavirus pandemic’s impact on the channel, it was refreshing to hear a message of hope.

The IT channel’s response to coronavirus

At Acronis, we deployed a series of resources to help service providers and businesses as they adjusted to working in this new world. In the global channel community, we saw partners deploy technologies almost instantly that helped organizations move their workforces’ home. They enabled remote offices across the globe. Employees have been working around spouses and kids and animals, utilizing home internet connections. Turning those unsecured home wireless networks into secure vehicles to ensure commerce continues has been a challenge – and it’s been MSP partners who have enabled this work.

The 2112 Group report on COVID-19

Several key findings in Larry’s COVID-19 Impact on the Channel Report give us a snapshot of what our channel leaders are thinking and doing in the midst of this pandemic. I invite you to listen to our conversation.

Video link

The outlook has been promising. As we come back from this emergency during the second half of 2020, a lot will have changed – but our channel community will continue to thrive.

Rebounding from the crisis

The life of a channel chief has always meant living out of a suitcase and sleeping in hotel beds more often than your own. This roadie life is special and the friendships we make are unique bonds that we take everywhere we go. At home, many of us have very special people who (as Larry joked) fill the fridge with food and make sure the laundry is done. Now we have an opportunity to spend extended time with them when normally they wouldn’t see very much of us until December. The pause caused by the health crisis has created an opportunity to sit with ourselves, our partners, our children, our families, and reflect on life – and maybe find that we might want a little more balance going forward.

Amy Luby is channel chief evangelist at Acronis. Read more guest blogs from Acronis here.